Amazfit GTS Smart Watch – Best Review

Amazfit GTS smart watch design, health, heart rate monitoring, software application. Which is the battery life on Amazfit GTS smart watch.

Amazfit GTS smart watch complete review including water resistance,weight, construction materials, important features.

The Amazfit GTS smart watch, our focus for this evaluation, falls into the latter classification. The Amazfit GTS smart watch is more than a mere copy though, with its AMOLED panel, GPS, and 50 meters of water resistance all worth pointing out.

The GTS features a hot-swappable 20 mm silicone strap, which is quite uninspiring but comfy. However, you can quickly switch out for anything you like, which we’d recommend as the strap had a routine of flapping around after coming out of its loop.

The Amazfit GTS smart watch is continuously going to draw contrasts to the Apple Watch– and not hugely positively. There are components throughout the experience, from the physical design and even user interface, that is obtained (copied) directly from the market leader.

Huami continues to release more recent items in India month after month. After having evaluated their Amazfit GTR watch not too long ago, we now have Amazfit GTS smart watch. This new watch guarantees the majority of the functions that the GTR offered in a different and more compact form aspect. Let’s check out how excellent this is as compared to its brother or sister and the competition in this price bracket.

It’s a square-faced style with a 1.65-inch AMOLED display screen, with a pretty excellent 341PPI and a 348 x 442 resolution. It’s an excellent screen, and up there with the brightest and best. Not quite as good as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, but ahead of most of the Wear OS smart watches you’ll discover.

Initially, the unknown developer behind the Xiaomi Mi Bands, Huami, has since developed a vast array of items and offers wearables for every single spending plan. The business not only provides internal designs like the Amazfit Verge Lite but likewise takes an unashamed slice of motivation from other OEMs.

At 14 mm thick, the Amazfit GTS smart watch is very light, although this is thanks to a plasticky construct. It’s an “aluminum alloy, polymer material”; however, it doesn’t feel in any way premium. Has the benefit of being hardly noticeable on the wrist.

However, it still handles 5 ATM water resistance, which means it can be submerged as much as 50 m.

Yes, the Amazfit GTS smart watch is an inferior option, and while no-one straight-out complimented us for wearing the Amazfit GTS smart watvh, but lots of people mistook it for an Apple Watch, which is at least something.

The Amazfit GTS smart watch is a pleasant surprise. I think the Apple Watch’s style has ended up being renowned, and while some still disagree about its style, it is unique and attractive, particularly when paired with the right strap. Amazfit has not been subtle about its design options, however, has opted for a single crown on the right of the body to avoid possible claims.

The Amazfit GTS smart watch includes 8 more task monitoring settings compared to the Bip, which can track outdoor operating, interior operating, biking, and walking. Referral to the table listed below to see all 12 task monitoring modes sustained by the Amazfit GTS smart watch.

The only edge the Amazfit GTR has over the Amazfit GTS smart watch is a new striking design and somewhat longer battery life. Consequently, the Amazfit GTS smart watch beats the GTR with 5 ATM water resistance contrasted to 3 ATM at last. The rest of the attributes, such as heart rate surveillance, songs playback, notices, and also others, are shared by the Amazfit GTS smart watch and the GTR.


Regarding style is worried, the Amazfit GTS smart watch will undoubtedly advise you of the Apple Watch. That’s not always a weak point. Huami was not subtle in duplicating the design of the Apple wearable.

Amazfit GTS smart watch Design

There’s no creativity below. From the squarish display screen to the neon-on-black UI, Huami effectively cloned Apple’s well-designed device. A bunch of individuals misinterpreted the Amazfit GTS smart watch for the Apple Watch on my wrist when I was wearing it.

Apple has been understood to establish hardware design patterns, whether it be with smart devices, laptop computers, or smart watches. Is it something Amazfit should be honored of? Well, you can most likely trick a person not also acquainted with smart watches right into believing you’re shaking an Apple Watch.

There’s also an Apple-Esque crown on one side of the Amazfit GTS smart watch. Its placement is a little bit various than the Apple Watch, and it does not revolve. When the display screen is off, the crown on the Amazfit GTS smart watch can be made use of to return to the house display.

The layout is what I most liked concerning the Amazfit GTS smart watch. The watch is 9.4 mm thick and also the 1.65-inch, 442 x 348 AMOLED display screen sits pretty within the metal framework. I would have liked the bottom surface to additionally have steel develop; however, it sadly obtains a plastic finish.

You obtain a 20 mm silicone strap with all three color variations of the Amazfit GTS smart watch. The band can get awkwardly and sweat after a workout. The advantage is that you can step into the shower with the watch strapped on. It includes 5 ATM water resistance, so that it can be immersed as much as 50 m underwater. You can even take it for a swim.

Huami has covered the AMOLED display with 2.5 D glass that contours slightly as it satisfies the metal framework, which is pleasingly strong. We should mention that the display has relatively broad bezels, which we measured at around 3 mm. We just noticed these when scrolling. Huami has chosen a plastic back, which is where the watch’s two charging pins are located. These magnetically attached to the packed battery charger, however, only when we find the appropriate alignment. These pins are flanked by optical heart-rate sensing units also.

Amazfit GTS: Health

Amazfit GTS Health

The solid specification sheet of Amazfit is clear, but the power of health and fitness tracking took us a little by surprise.

Swipe across on guard and you can assess heart rate information, steps, relaxing heart price and even more.

In the Amazfit app, health and wellness tracking are front and center. Step tracking was accurate and stacked up against the Fitbit and Garmin we utilized as a contrast.

There’s no actual use of energetic mins like a lot of physical fitness trackers, but this has been replaced with PAI, a solitary score procedure of your task over the last week.

There’s been plenty of exclusive ratings over the years– the one TomTom introduced before its demise occurs. But PAI is various. PAI was established by Mio Global, the business that invented the optical Human Resources tracker and also was devised from a 25-year research study, including 45,000 individuals. In other words, this isn’t something that Amazfit has dreamed up on a spending plan– and its functions.

If you strike your action matter and stay active each day, you’ll get a suitable PAI score. Likewise, if you’re a runner or fitness center goer, you’ll get a credit report from PAI from the workout, even if you’re not hitting an action objectively.

The PAI score is always readable from the application, and you’ll get sharp when you hit PAI 100– the leading score.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Amazfit GTS smart watch was the rest tracking smarts.

Amazfit GTS: Heart Rate Monitoring

Sports tracking is a large part of the Amazfit GTS smart watch, and it has 14 sporting activities traceable from the watch. With GPS built-in, exterior running, cycling, and also swimming is all tracked accurately.

This has been significant criticism of past Amazfit watches, but a new system update seems to have remedied the problem. We utilized the Amazfit GTS smart watch in a 10K race, and it was not just spot on (10.15 KILOMETRES is well within the error margin for GPS); however, likewise paired up to other runs against a Garmin Fenix 6.

Not just that, Amazfit links to Strava, so your workout data does not need to reside in the Amazfit application, which is a genuine issue for sporting activities types. That functionality is hardcoded, and also is the only API Amazfit has linked to.

To back up accurate GPS, the Amazfit GTS smart watch will likewise make use of the optical Human Resources sensor. We’ve seen some poor results on spending plan devices; however, the effects on the GTS were mostly able to be used. It matched a chest band at low-medium intensity, although tracked a little bit low on a threshold run.

The Amazfit GTS smart watch utilizes movement as well as heart rate monitoring (if activated from the Amazfit app) to supply a single rest rating, just like Fitbit’s. You additionally get the same rest stages information, with malfunctions of deep, light, and time awake. We located the wake-up periods to be precisely accurate– yet there’s no independent monitoring of REM sleep.

We tried a HIIT session, but the sensor couldn’t maintain at all, spending a lot of its time stuck at 150 bpm– yet that’s practically the same across optical Human Resources making use of rivals.

Amazfit GTS heart rate monitoring

We were extremely thrilled by the level of data from exercises in the Amazfit app (over).

It’s very data-rich and well provided, like a lot of things, within the Amazfit application. You get a map of your workout as well as the essential pace/distance/calories/ cadence/heart price on top.

Then each aspect is offered in charts and graphs, including time invested in Human Resources zones, altitude adjustment, and also the moment spent in each kind of slope.

Software Application

While the Amazfit GTS smart watch looks fantastic and also works as a watch, its os is not without defects.

You create an account after that utilize your phone’s electronic camera to check a QR code. It functioned flawlessly with an Android phone and an iPhone 11 Pro.

Nevertheless, several hours of updates followed. Downloads took ages, and moving to the watch was so slow-moving I thought several times that it had given up. Also, exchanging watch faces can take 30 secs, so the discomfort proceeds when you tailor the watch.

The software program is appealing and well created once it’s on and working. You’ll swipe via food selections, and all symbols are classified. It’s no rocketship quick, yet it never becomes slow-moving enough to be irritating.

Discovering exactly how to make use of the software application is a different tale. The only other time the crown is utilized is to turn the watch on, that’s not intuitive.

Alerts never worked well. I linked the watch to 2 different phones– Apple iPhone as well as Android–and the circumstance did not enhance.

Another thing that keeps it from being described as a smart watch is the absence of an application environment. Considering That the Amazfit GTS is not based upon prominent platforms like Wear OS or Tizen, you barely have any type of added applications that you can mount on this tool. You have to make do with what’s constructed right into the watch. You have a bunch of watch encounters for this smart watch, but that’s all you get for now.

The Amazfit GTS is 50 meters water-resistant, so you can gladly wear it into the swimming pool without fear. The firm states that this watch is not appropriate for scuba diving, high-speed water sporting activities, and also hot water. The watch often tends to act funny under a shower, with the touchscreen reacting to beads of water striking it. So far better to take it off before getting involved in a shower.

The watch sustains constant heart price surveillance, and you can pick the frequency of monitoring to conserve battery life. When the watch spots some physical task, it automatically increases the tracking regularity for more precise readings and analysis.

Battery life

There is one point you can get out of Huami watches without being dissatisfied is the outstanding battery life. The Amazfit GTS is no different. This watch creators claim a battery life of 14 days on a single fee under regular usage circumstance that the company defines as ‘Heart price always-on, sleep monitoring, 150 pushed notifications lighting up the screen, lift the wrist to see the screen 30 times and 5 minutes for various other procedures, run or work out three times a week for 30 minutes’.

If you switch off Bluetooth, constant heart rate tracking, a couple of other attributes, and use it like a watch with steps counter, it can go on for 46 days. Nobody would certainly want to make use of a smart fitness gadget like that. I was simply mentioning what the company had to state.

The Amazfit GTS spec sheet boasts a battery life of 14 days, with 20 hrs of GPS monitoring. We transformed every little thing on– including innovative sleep monitoring metrics– and get five days of battery life. It’s a way off Amazfit’s quotes which, to be reasonable, include a container load of caveats also countless to list.

In real-world testing with conditions somewhat comparable to the regular use scenario, yet with rest monitoring turned on only for a week, the battery lasted for 21 days on a single charge. Yes, the Amazfit GTR did not last an entire month, yet regardless of that, three weeks is great battery life.