Top 3 Best Michael Kors Smartwatch for Women

Michael Kors smartwatch is a great choice if you want to have a small gadget which is not only great for helping you live a healthier and more active life, but in the same time is a fashion item that will make everybody admire your style.

Michael Kors smartwatches can be found in different models, so we present you with various styles, in order to make it easier for you to choose the right one to meet your needs and expectations.

The super-popular fashion brand Michael Kors is known not only for their bags but, also, for their statement, extravagant watches. Their designs are, no doubt, recognizable world-wide so when the brand came out with smartwatches it seemed the next logical thing to do. Smartwatches are the new hot thing and big fashion houses transformed them into the newest designer item to have.

The great news is smartwatches are no longer limited to tech-savvy enthusiasts but are now available to a broader audience. The fashion-forward wearables are usually easier to operate and they are more suited towards the inexperienced user.

Michael Kors managed to add functionality to their luxurious watches and therefore succeeded to transform a fashion accessory into an extremely practical gadget.

Do not confuse the MK collection with their competitors on the market, the Fitbit or the Apple watch. The MK smartwatches are not fitness watches and their main focus is not activity tracking. The fashion house focuses on creating a beautiful package around a tech-centered core and their watches show it.

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatchThe Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatch was one of the first smartwatches released from the brand under the tutelage of the Fossil Group.  The Access series is composed of two models, the Bradshaw and the Dylan (latter of which is no longer available). The smartwatches were named after their analog counterparts, with whom they share the same design features.

As expected from a fashion brand, Michael Kors released the watch in a variety of different colors.   The most popular of which being silver, gold, black and, of course, the star of the show, the rose gold. The Bradshaw can be dressed up or dressed down and it can easily transition from day to night outfits. It is suited for both men and women, depending on the chosen color combination.

The first thing you notice about this Michael Kors smartwatch is its impressive size. Don’t be fooled by the pictures, this is a big watch. The Access Bradshaw has a whooping 44.5 mm case and shares the solid build characteristic of its namesake analog version.

It looks sturdy and well constructed just as the regular MK watch but it features a thicker case (13 mm). A sacrifice had to be made in order to accommodate for the added smartwatch functionality of this watch, and sizing up the case’s thickness was a necessary change.

The Michael Kors smartwatch comes with a generous 22 mm linked bracelet which is easily interchangeable with other bands, Michael Kors offers plenty of different colors and finishes. Unfortunately, if the solid links bracelet is too big for you, you will have to take it to a jeweler to have links removed which will result in an additional cost.

The body of this Michael Kors smartwatch is made out of weighty stainless steel with a plastic coating on the underside to allow for wireless charging. This brings me to my next point. This watch is heavy. The case weighs 51 grams by itself and the whole item weighs a total of 145 grams.

Unless you plan to change the band, which will make the watch significantly lighter, 145 g is a heavyweight to be waving around all day long. If you have a thin wrist, you might want to avoid this watch. It can look chunky on a small wrist and the weigh will affect you in time so do consider this before deciding on a model.

The Bradshaw has the Michael Kors embossed crown placed on the right side of the watch (aligned with the 3 o’clock position) and serves as a double purpose button. A single press is designed to power on and off the device and a long press will take you to the app menu. Compared to the original Bradshaw, the smartwatch version doesn’t have a rotating crown but keeping the crown does add a nice, elegant touch to the watch and the only visible signature MK logo.

The Access has a 1.4 inch (35 mm) 360 x 290-pixel resolution touchscreen display which is just the right size when it comes to a comfortable touchscreen user experience. The fun part starts here with this watch. The standard feature of face customization that comes with every Android Wear device was taken to another level with all Michael Kors smartwatches. Together with the typical Android watch faces, there are several MK faces specifically designed for the Access.

Even more, each and every one of them can be customized further so every user can bring their personal touch to their accessory. You can save your favorite looks in the Michael Kors Access app and easily interchange them when you are bored or you want to match your watch to your outfit. There is also the option of choosing day and night faces in the app and program them to change according to your schedule.

This feature is quite useful and not waking up to a bright white screen at 2 a.m in the morning really makes a difference. Another nice touch is given by the brightness feature. Brightness will adjust automatically depending on the environment you are in and the boost option ensures you will be able to see your display even if your lighting is not ideal.

With the Access, there is an Always-On face option which allows you to have the looks of an analog watch and be able to see time whenever you want. This face is darker and monochrome, in order to preserve power. However, it will eat away your battery life noticeably and so will most interactive MK smartwatch faces.

The only downside of this screen is the “flat tire” black bar placed at the bottom of the display.  It doesn’t allow for the faces to completely show on the screen and it does take some getting used to. After a day of using the watch, you won’t notice it anymore but it is something to note before purchasing. The screen is sturdy and doesn’t scratch easily but it does collect fingerprints rather quickly.

The Bradshaw has a Qualcomm Wear 2100 processor and runs on Android Wear.

This Michael Kors smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices but as expected, with an Android phone you will get the most out of your watch. Pairing the Michael Kors smartwatch with an iOS device will reduce its functionality to basic features.

The Access Bradshaw will alert you of your phone’s notifications, texts, calls, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. The Michael Kors smartwatch has a microphone placed on the left-hand side of the case so it will notify you both through sound and vibration whenever something pops up. The issue comes in with phone calls, the watch sometimes has trouble recognizing when a call was answered so it continues to vibrate.

The Michael Kors smartwatch has a receptive voice detection mechanism, making it very easy to reply to a message using voice control or Googling something by saying “Ok, Google”. At this time, replying to messages is only available for Android phone users.

This wearable has a standard 4 GB storage which means you can store your preferred Spotify playlists offline or download pictures from your social media accounts to use as your Michael Kors smartwatch face.

The Bradshaw is not an activity targeted watch. It does not have a heart rate monitor as most smartwatches do, but it does offer the option of step counting through the Google Fit app.

The Michael Kors smartwatch has a 360 mAh battery which will last a full 16 to 18 hours with moderate use. Michael Kors claims a “one to two days” battery life but unless you limit it to basic functions, that is simply not the case. Charging is done wirelessly, on the magnetic dock included but it does take a considerable amount of time, almost 5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

On the plus side, this watch is designed to be water-resistant which means you won’t have to worry if you get caught with it in the rain or you spill something on yourself. It is not, however, swim-resistant.

  • an attractive piece of jewelry

  • well-constructed, durable

  • classic Michael Kors design

  • 1.4 inch 360 x 290-pixel resolution touchscreen display

  • easy to set up, Quick Start Guide included

  • receptive voice detection

  • responsive screen

  • water resistant

  • magnetic ring charger

  • average battery life

  • heavy-weight

  • performance is inconsistent

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Michael Kors Access Sofie

Michael Kors Access SofieAfter the Bradshaw was criticized for its chunky looks and heavy-weight, the Michael Kors team took this feedback into consideration and released a more fashionable model of the smartwatch, the Access Sofie. The Sofie is a glamorous, lavish piece of jewelry that will definitely turn some heads.

The watch has a fully rounded display that goes all the way to the edges, the “flat tire” design of its predecessor is long gone after popular demand.

The case is paved with setting stones around the dial so this piece is by no means subtle. If you would like a more understated design, you can check out the Bradshaw or the Runway.

The Sofie has a 42 mm case and the 2 mm size difference from the 44 mm Bradshaw is definitely noticeable. The watch is not only smaller but also lighter. This model comes with the same stainless steel linked bracelet but in an 18 mm size this time.

Michael Kors has leather and silicon versions of the strap available for this wearable as well. The colors available are silver, gold, rose-gold, and sable but you can also choose a glitzed, gemstone embellished version of the metal bracelet. You also get an extra buckle to use with any of their interchangeable straps. If the bracelet needs resizing, MK will take the extra links out free of charge.

The Sofie has a bright 1.19 inch AMOLED display with a 390 x 390-pixel resolution. The display is clear and the colors are crisp, the AMOLED gives a better viewing angle. With the adjustable brightness setting, you will be able to see everything properly regardless of the lighting conditions.

The touchscreen has a quick reaction time and swiping through apps and notifications is effortless.

This Michael Kors smartwatch is a fashion item and its fitness tracking abilities are limited. With the Google Fit and the Google Fit Workout apps that come pre-installed, you will be able to track your step count, distance and calories burned.

However, this Michael Kors smartwatch does not have the standard heart rate monitor or untethered GPS. In other words, if you are a fitness fanatic, you will miss out on some important features. Also, this Michael Kors smartwatch has a 1-meter water resistance but for a limited amount of time. This means if you forget it on your wrist in the shower, it will be okay but diving with it will permanently damage it.

The Access Sofie has a 300 mAh battery which will last a day with light use and approximately 16 h with a more active approach. It charges on the magnetic dock included but you will have to do it on an everyday basis.

This Michael Kors smartwatch is ideally used with an Android device but it will perform nicely when paired with an iOS.

  • fashion-oriented smartwatch

  • fully rounded display

  • Google’s Android Wear OS

  • easy to use

  • intuitive interface

  • 1.19 inch AMOLED display, 390 x 390-pixel resolution

  • no GPS or heart rate monitor

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Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatchThe Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch is the newest addition to the MK smartwatch family, building up to be a better version of its predecessor, the popular Access Sofie.

Although Michael Kors is widely known as a women’s fashion brand, the Access Runway is a unisex smartwatch. Women have a wider collection to choose from when it comes to a variety of colors and finishes, ranging from stainless steel to silicone bands, from plain silver to gold to crystal-embellished cases and of course a diversity of faces, which we will touch on in the following paragraphs.

Men have a more neutral but still classic color palette to select from black, silver and gold. This Michael Kors smartwatch can be worn in a professional setting as well as on a day off, the design is elegant and doesn’t draw too much attention.

The Runway is the smallest smartwatch from the Michael Kors family so far. Due to popular demand, the case was sized down to 41 mm. If you have a small wrist and you were worried the previous MK models would look chunky on you, this is no longer the case.

This electronic timepiece will fit nicely on any wrist size. The band size was also updated on this Michael Kors smartwatch, the new band is only 18 mm. As with the other models, the bands are interchangeable with other MK models or you can even find cheaper alternatives on Amazon in a variety of different sizes.

As mentioned above, when you make your purchase, you can choose between a silicon band or a stainless steel linked bracelet. The stainless steel is significantly heavier than the silicon but the classic look makes it appropriate for any occasion. The silicon, on the other hand, is lighter, making it a better fit for fitness activities like running or swimming but it also makes the watch look more casual. Also, the silicon is significantly cheaper than the metal version.

If, however, you want the best of both worlds, there is also the option or buying a set which includes the watch with the stainless steel strap and two extras (both silicon or silicon + beaded stainless steel band). Swapping the bracelets is not as easy as it looks and the brand recommends going to a jeweler for them to be changed properly.

Although smaller in size compared to its predecessors, the Runway kept the signature Michael Kors oversized look but with a more elegant touch. This Michael Kors smartwatch has three buttons placed on the right-hand side of the case.

The MK embossed crown is the middle button and it allows you to open your apps menu, return to your home screen or scroll through your notifications. A popular feature with the newest models of Michael Kors smartwatches is the two customizable buttons. One of them leads to the Michael Kors Access app and the other on the Google Fit app.

The button-control comes in handy especially for people with bigger hand. Given the size cut, if you have larger finger you might find it cumbersome to select certain small icons and the buttons help you have more precise control over what items you are selecting.

Nevertheless, these two are left for the user to personalize. By accessing the settings, you can use the buttons as shortcuts for your most-used apps, being it Google Pay or Spotify.

The Runway has a fully rounded face with a 1.19 inch AMOLED display and a 390 x 390-pixel resolution. The display of this Michael Kors smartwatch stretches fully to the edge of the case, keeping the screen reasonably sized.

The Access Runway has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor as the Michael Kors Access Sofie and runs on Wear OS. As is customary with a MK smartwatch, this Michael Kors smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, when pairing it with the latter you will have some added features.

This Michael Kors smartwatch works perfectly fine when paired with an iPhone but does keep in mind you will have to make some adjustments. First of all, you will have to keep the Wear OS app running in the background at all times in order to receive your phone’s notifications.

Secondly, and this might be a deal-breaker for some, you will not be able to reply to your messages on your Michael Kors smartwatch if paired with an iOS device. However, you will be able to respond to your Gmail notification or other social media messages that allow for replies. Light vibrations alert you when you receive a new notification.

With the Quick Start Guide, setup is really easy. Even if this is the first time you are using an Android device you should not experience any problems. Instructions are clear and concise, there is no risk of messing it up.

Voice detection comes in handy, you can launch Google Assistant by saying “Ok, Google” and it will respond immediately. It is way faster than manually typing your search when you’re in a hurry.

The Runway has an optical heart rate monitor included on the back of the watch. The monitor will register your heart rate data and will sync it to your Google Fit app or a third-party fitness app of your choosing.

The untethered GPS means activity tracking will be possible even if the watch is separated from your phone. Step count and distance will still be registered during your run even if you leave your phone at home. As mentioned before, this Michael Kors smartwatch is not a fitness smartwatch but it will monitor your basic fitness data like calories burned and there is the possibility of tracking your workouts if you activate it manually.

The Access Runway has an enhanced 3 ATM water resistance so you can take it swimming in shallow water without any problems. This is where the silicone strap comes in. The stainless steel bracelet is too heavy and it will start to show signs of wear and tear with frequent water use. Diving is out of the question with this Michael Kors smartwatch as it will not resist deep-water pressure.

Similarly to its predecessor, the Access Sofie, the Runway has a 300 mAh battery. The charging system remained the same, just place the watch on the charging dock provided. Battery life is still the same, 14 hours on average with medium use. Always-on GPS and constant heart monitoring will significantly lower the battery’s life spam.

The good news is this Michael Kors smartwatch has a Rapid charge mode that will reduce the charging time from 0% to 100% to a bit over an hour…

  • fashionable, elegant smartwatch

  • sleek, durable design

  • untethered GPS

  • optical heart rate monitor

  • 3 ATM water resistance

  • 1.19 inch AMOLED display, 390 x 390-pixel resolution

  • easy setup

  • Wear OS

  • suitable for all wrist sizes

  • wide variety of colors

  • interchangeable bands – silicon strap available to purchase for fitness activities (swimming)

  • average battery life

  • iOS pairings lack certain features

  • jeweler required for band adjustments

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