Best 4 Samsung Smartwatch for Active Men

Best Samsung smartwatch for men, which is the best one according to features like design, size, functionality. Discover which is the best Samsung smartwatch.

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Samsung is no doubt one of the best tech companies on the market when it comes to innovation and their wearables come nothing short of the prestige they gained over time.

The Korean company has come a long way since they launched their first smartwatch in 2013, having an array of models that vary not only in design but in functionality and price point as well. We all know the market today is saturated with product and when you are competing with big companies like Apple and Fitbit, the only way to stand out is by catering your products directly to your consumer.

And Samsung does exactly that. From square to round, classic or sporty, design-based or tech-driven, how do you know which Samsung watch is the right one for you? Wearables always get updated to suit current trends or match consumer feedback, so in this review we will approach the most up-to-date version of these watches available at the time of writing.

Regardless of what smartwatch you end up buying, these are some things you should keep in mind when making your choice related to the best Samsung smartwatch:

  • Design: This is probably the most important thing to consider before buying the best Samsung smartwatch. A smartwatch is not only a useful gadget but a style statement. The best Samsung smartwatch is a fashion accessory that you will wear every day so you have to pick one that matches your style and your wardrobe.
  • Size: The bigger the watch, the bigger the screen, right? Not quite. A big watch doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger display. You want your wrist-wear to be big enough that it has a functional screen, that you can clearly navigate but small enough that it won’t interfere with your daily tasks. The best Samsung smartwatch has a proper size.
  • Functionality: Functionality is, of course, what tilts the scale in most cases when we are talking about the best Samsung smartwatch. You want a watch that will do everything you need it to do. If you want to use your watch to make calls and send messages but also take it swimming, don’t settle for a fitness tracker because of the more affordable price point. You will end up regretting it. So be careful when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch.

Considering the above-mentioned criteria, here is a list of the best smartwatches from the Samsung range:

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch


The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is a sportier version of the S3, packing more feature but still keeping a rather classic look. This is the first time Samsung issued two sizes for their watches and make no mistake, the two options are significantly different. The smaller version comes at 42 mm (1.2 inches) and for a slimmer wrist, this is the desirable size choice. The 42 mm is available in an all-black color scheme and a rose gold color scheme, making it ideal for both men and women, which is important to know when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch.

The watches, although smaller than their alternative, are chunkier and more robust. If you are looking for a more noticeable watch, the bigger, 46 mm (1.3 inches) model is the one you need, because it is the best Samsung smartwatch from this point of view. This version is only available with a silver dial and a black strap. Both watches offer a smaller 20 mm strap and a larger 22 mm to fit an array of wrist sizes.

The straps included are made out of silicon so they can be used when working out without showing any wear marks. Samsung has an entire collection of interchangeable straps for the Galaxy smartwatch but you can easily find cheaper alternatives on Amazon if you want to change up your look. Both models also have a rotating bezel which allows you to navigate through the features without blocking the screen. The bezel makes for a refreshing feature compared to the usual tiny wheel on a side button approach that most watches have. These features are important when you are looking for the best Samsung smartwatch.

In this review, we focus on the 46 mm Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. This model has an easy to read, AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360. If you are not necessarily keen on the digital look of a smartwatch you will appreciate this feature. It lessens the digital aspect of the watch face, making it resemble a classic watch. This watch is a durable one, it has Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ protection which makes it almost impossible to scratch. These features make it be the best Samsung smartwatch in this category.

The Galaxy smartwatch is great at combining the features of a fitness device with those of a phone replacement device. It provides considerable monitoring on the fitness side, having an accelerometer for counting steps and detecting workouts, which is important when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch. You have 10 registered workouts that the watch will detect automatically and approximately 40 that you have to put in manually.

This means the best Samsung smartwatch will recognize and track running but weight lifting data you will have to insert manually. It also has a barometric altimeter that is used in tracking stairs climbed but the floor count is quite hit and miss. Your pulse will be monitored constantly with the heart-rate sensor and keeping tabs on your health is really easy if you sink the watch with the Samsung Health app.

The Galaxy smartwatch has its own GPS module, for tracking distance and speed which means you will be able to leave your phone at home if you go for a run. The Bluetooth model will communicate everything to your phone once in range so it doesn’t require a separate data plan. This is also important to know when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch.

The best Samsung smartwatch also has a 50 m water certification which means it is safe to use when swimming but Samsung recommends only using it for shallow-water activities and not for diving.

The Galaxy smartwatch operates on Tizen OS and is compatible with both Android and iOS. It has a 1.15 GHz Dual-core processor which makes it one of the speedier contestants on this list.

The battery on this watch is amazing. With moderate use (gym use, checking e-mails, messages, etc.) a single charge lasts 4 days, it could go up to 5 if you are a lighter user. Keep in mind that an Always-on display feature and activated GPS will eat through your battery much quicker. The best Samsung smartwatch faces available with the latest software update will also use up a significant percentage of your battery. A full charge, from 0% to 100%, takes about 2 and a half hours using the wireless charger provided.

The Galaxy smartwatch comes with Spotify support and with the 4 GB storage space, you can listen to music even offline. The app availability on this device is rather limited but it does have all the basics. You will be able to check your notifications, read your e-mail, call, respond to messages, track your fitness, and a lot more with this watch. Other notable features are sleep and stress tracking, meditation, breathing exercises, and activity detection. These aspects are very important at the best Samsung smartwatch.

For the US version of the watch, there is also an NFC which allows you to make contactless payments within the Samsung Pay app. Amazon offers free product support if you purchase it on their website and Samsung offers a 1-year warranty.

  • great battery life

  • useful rotating bezel

  • easy to navigate, interacts nicely with a smartphone

  • durable: stainless steel body, silicone strap, Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ protection

  • AMOLED display

  • aesthetically pleasing design

  • fast, switches between apps quickly and effortlessly

  • offline Spotify support

  • supports effortless payments with Samsung Pay

  • limited app availability

  • chunky design

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S3 was almost the best watch on our list but the Galaxy watch turned out to be an upgraded version of the Gear S3. The two watches are very similar, it looks as well as in the features provided. The S3 is significantly cheaper than the Galaxy watch but that doesn’t come without limitations. Size is one of the reasons the S3 lost the number one spot on this list. The watch is solely available in a 46 mm version which is not ideal if you have a small wrist. The S3 does not have women targeted version of the model either. However, the S3 Frontier is less chunky than the Galaxy so if you prefer a more discrete look the Frontier might be better suited for you. Let’s see which one is the best Samsung smartwatch in this category!

The Gear S3 has a classy but durable design with a stainless steel body and silicone strap. Unfortunately, compared to the Galaxy, the S3 only comes with a 22 mm band but if you want a different look there is always the option of replacing it. The watch has the same distinctive bezel of the Galaxy, which means you can effortlessly rotate through your apps in the interface or check your notifications without the need of touching the display. Keep thins things in mind when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch.

The S3 Frontier has a full-color 1.3 inches 360 x 360 AMOLED display which makes it a pleasure to use. Everything is bright and the screen is big enough that you don’t have to squint when replying to messages or checking the weather. The watch is powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor and has an onboard storage of 4 GB. It operates, like most Samsung smartwatches, on Tizen OS. It has an intuitive interface, there is a quick reaction time when switching between apps and it is compatible with both Android and iOS. Do keep in mind that some features are not available when paired with an iOS device. These are things to consider when you are looking for the best Samsung smartwatch.

This watch has a 380 mAh battery which means it can go 4 days between charges if you don’t overwork it with the GPS or Always-on display function. Charging is done wirelessly with the provided charger.

You can use the Gear S3 Frontier for receiving texts, calls, notifications but it also makes for a good fitness tracker. It has an optical heart rate monitor and a motion sensor that can be used to track exercise sessions. It also has an accelerometer, a barometer, and an ambient light sensor.

It is build to pass military-grade testing which means it will last when exposed to dust, water or extreme temperature and the occasional drop. However, keep in mind it is water-resistant not waterproof. This means it’s okay if you get caught in the rain with it but under no circumstances should you take it swimming or diving.

The Gear S3 Frontier has a built-in GPS receiver which means it can track your location without the need of having your phone with you as well. An interesting app and a definite plus when it comes to this model is its maps support. Unlike the Galaxy smartwatch, which at the time of this review had no offline maps support, the S3 Frontier supports the HERE WeGo app. This app is similar in its functionality with Google Maps but you can download maps of your specific area on your watch so you can use it offline even when it’s not connected to your phone. This comes in handy if you go hiking or running in an unfamiliar area and you need the best Samsung smartwatch.

  • impressive battery life

  • useful rotating bezel

  • Always-on display feature

  • simple, classy design

  • less chunky than the Galaxy smartwatch

  • AMOLED display

  • military-grade level protection

  • offline maps support

  • significantly cheaper compared to the Galaxy watch

  • supports contactless payments

  • only one size strap

  • older model

  • not waterproof, swimming with it is not an option

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro SmartwatchSamsung Gear Fit 2 Pro smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro smartwatch is, no doubt, a fitness tracking gadget. If you are a fitness fanatic this is the watch for you, because it is the best Samsung smartwatch in this category. It has a similar design to the Fitbit but with a smartwatch touch. The bright 1.5 inches Super AMOLED screen is what differentiates it from any other fitness tracker. The screen wraps around your wrist which gives the watch a sleek, understated look. The best Samsung smartwatch is available in small and large size and two color options. Liquid Black has an all-black color scheme and Diamond Red has a bright red interior. Both watches have a sleek look but the pop of red does stand out from the two. Another handy design feature of the best Samsung smartwatch in this section is the buckle closure of the strap, compared to the previous stud fastening of the Samsung Gear Fit 2, the Pro version is more comfortable to wear and adjust.

The Fit 2 Pro has a heart rate tracker which can be synced with the Samsung Health app. It will also count how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned and all fitness tracking is done through the Under Armours services. They offer a running app Map MyRun, a nutrition app MyFitnessPal which make it really easy to sync everything on all of your devices, which is important to know when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch.

The Fit 2 Pro is the ideal choice for swimmers as it has a 50 m water resistance and it’s perfect for tracking your lengths in the pool. If swimming is not your priority, you can go for the cheaper Gear Fit 2 and save yourself some money. Take this into consideration when you are looking for the best Samsung smartwatch.

Another great thing about this watch, which is the best Samsung smartwatch in this category, is its offline Spotify support. You can sync your Spotify playlists to your watch and pair your Fit 2 Pro directly to your headphones. The best Samsung smartwatch comes with a built-in GPS so it will track your speed and your workout’s length without having to also carry your phone with you. An important thing to keep in mind is that this device is not a phone substitute. You will only be able to view your notifications on it but you won’t be able to answer calls or reply to texts.

The battery life of the Pro is quite impressive, it lasts up to 5 days between charges so you don’t have to worry about charging it every day before your morning run.

Amazon offers free product support with this device and they often have offers on this model. (33% off at the time of writing this)

  • sleek design

  • suitable for swimming, 50 m water protection

  • offline Spotify support

  • built-in GPS

  • unable to make calls or reply to messages

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Samsung Galaxy Watch ActiveSamsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can almost be described as a hybrid between all of the Samsung watches currently on the market. The Active combines the efficacy of a fitness tracker with the updated tech of the Samsung smartwatches. It is the best of both worlds but at a cheaper price compared to its bigger brother, the Samsung Galaxy Watch. That being said it’s not the most feature-packed model.

But let’s start with the good stuff. The Galaxy Active is drastically smaller than most Samsung watches, coming only in a 40 mm size. It is significantly thinner and lighter than both of the Galaxy models but at the same time, it keeps a similar classic round dial aesthetic. It’s airy enough that you don’t feel it dragging you down in high interval workout training but weighty enough that it doesn’t feel cheap. It comes in three color schemes: a black, a rose gold and a blueish-green.

Unique in the world of Samsung watches, the Active’s strap is made out of Flour Elastomer and it is a one size fits all, 20 mm standard band. Like with the other watches, Samsung offers a variety of interchangeable straps but for this size, you can find plenty of other options.

The Galaxy Active has a 1.1 inch 360 x 360 Super AMOLED display which is known for its brightness. Giving its size reduction, the circular display is smaller as well, but you can still easily navigate through the interactive interface. On the downside, the rotating bezel that made the Galaxy model notoriously easy to use is missing with the Active version. This change was necessary in order to reduce the weight of the watch, which is an important aspect when you are choosing the best Samsung smartwatch. The dial is also made out of aluminum which weighs about 1/3 less than steel. (The Samsung Galaxy and Gear Fit watches have stainless steel bodies.)

The Active runs on Tizen OS just like the other models and you have a reasonable selection of apps you can download from the Galaxy Store. It also has a built-in GPS so you can track your fitness 24/7 without being tied to your phone.

A downside of this particular model comes in the form of its battery performance. The cut in size and weight is definitely favorable for the day-to-day wearer of this watch but it does seriously reduce its battery life. Compared to the models mentioned above, that have a 4-5 days single charge life-spam, the Active has a 2 days charge cycle. Maybe 3 days at most and that with light use. Charging it is not difficult with the wireless pad but you do have to remember to charge quite often.

The the best Samsung smartwatch in this category is well constructed, it has a protective Gorilla Glass coating that prevents it from scratching and even the occasional drop. It was made after military-grade specifications so it will survive the elements. The Active is water-resistant up to 50 m if you swim with it but only 10 m water-resistant when fully submerged underwater. Again, none of these watches are suited for diving.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active automatically detects six exercises including walking, running and even pool laps when swimming. For other fitness activities like lifting weights, skipping or yoga, you will have to manually register your workout’s data. The watch will track and analyze your heart’s rate and it will notify you if there is an irregularity or you are pushing it too hard with your workout. The same applies to your sleep, the device will monitor your sleeping pattern and it will suggest a sleeping schedule according to your needs. Pay attention to this aspect when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch.

The biggest drawback with the Active is that it lacks a speaker and a microphone, therefore there is no possibility of receiving calls on this device. You can, however, check your notifications and messages with this gadget.

To compensate, the Active has a NFC which supports Samsung Pay and you can make up to 5 payments without the watch being connected to your phone or a wireless connection. Keep in mind that contactless payments are not available when the watch is paired with an iOS device…

  • great value for money

  • a classic, understated design

  • light and thin

  • can be worn by both men and women, will suit a variety of wrist sizes

  • more affordable than the Galaxy or the Gear S3 Frontier

  • swimming appropriate

  • contactless payment support with Samsung Pay

  • Free Amazon product support included

  • 2-day battery life

  • lacks an incorporated microphone and speaker

  • lacks rotating bezel

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