DZ09 Smart Watch Review 2020

DZ09 Smart Watch use with your iPhone, how can you utilise it without a SIM card. How to use the DZ09 Smart Watch, what providers or SIM cards can you use with it.

DZ09 Smart Watch reviews and variations, battery, what mobile application can you use with this smart watch, reasons to buy it, great value for money.

DZ09 is the most affordable MediaTek powered Chinese smartwatch design. Every one of them has the same requirements (CPU) however, they are each absorbed various instructions by their brand name and the equipment they utilize.

Being less costly and Chinese constructed, it does not suggest they aren’t excellent watches either. Some of the DZ09 watches have some truly impressive attributes that you would certainly have to invest a ton of money on.

The DZ09 is greater than a watch. It has lots of features that you might locate helpful throughout your day. These consist of a calculator, schedule, digital pedometer, stop-watch, alarm, video camera, picture customer, audio recorder when you have an SD flash memory card, and also an audio gamer for paying attention to songs on the move.

Similar to a lot of modern-day innovation, you will undoubtedly get a USB battery charger to make use of with your DZ09 smart watch. This makes billing versatile, as you can utilize your computer system or a wall surface battery charger with a USB port.

How to Use Smart Watch DZ09?

Before purchasing the DZ09 Bluetooth smart watch, have a look at several of the regularly asked inquiries on just how to DZ09 smart watch arrangement.

Can You Utilize the DZ09 Smart Watch with iPhone?

The DZ09 global smart watch can be made use of with your iPhone. It’s suitable for a lot of Android as well as iPhone versions. However, the DZ09 may have restricted functions readily available to later on iPhone versions like the iPhone 5 as well as 5s.

Can You Utilize the DZ09 Smart Watch with WI-FI?

Unfortunately, the functions, as well as features of the DZ09, do not consist of Wi-Fi connection. It will not permit you to link to Wi-Fi However, if you opt-in making use of a standalone SIM card with your smart watch, you can have a web link using your cellphone network.

Can You Utilize the DZ09 Smart Watch without a SIM card?

The sim card for the smart watch can be made use of or otherwise. However, you will undoubtedly require to link it to your phone using Bluetooth if you intend to make as well as receive SMS messages, calls, as well as e-mails. But, if you pick to utilize a sim card for a smart watch, you can use it as a standalone phone.

What Providers or SIM Cards Can You Utilize with DZ09?

The DZ09 global smart watch is opened, which implies you can utilize any type of Global GSM service provider, as long as they use a SIM card. Although there may be concerns throughout the DZ09 smart watch arrangement with SIM cards not functioning, that may just be due to the SIM card not appropriately mounted. If that occurs, return the SIM card effectively.

Can You Utilize Earphones with a DZ09 Smart Watch?

The DZ09 smart watch does not include an earphone jack. However, you can still pay attention to your favored songs or take employ personal privacy by linking a Bluetooth earphone to your DZ09 smart watch.

What Variations of the DZ09 Smart Watch Exist?

There are four variations of DZ09 you can discover on the market now: variation 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, as well as 2.5. The includes that these variations provide differ. For the DZ09 version 1.0, there’s no assistance for Facebook, Twitter, as well as WhatsApp. Version 2.0 assistance Facebook, Twitter, as well as WhatsApp. Version 2.1 sustains both Twitter as well as Facebook; however, no WhatsApp Version 2.5 supports all three applications.

Is the DZ09 Smart Watch Waterproof?

The DZ09 smart watch is developed to be waterproof. You can utilize it under the rainfall, throughout an abrupt rainstorm, dashes of water, or under any type of somewhat damp problems without fear. However, this smart watch is not water-proof, which implies you need to stay clear of saturating it on water or any type of fluid if you do not desire it to quit working as it should.

Can You Utilize or Set Up Facebook, Twitter, as well as WhatsApp on DZ09?

You can run Facebook, Twitter, as well as WhatAapp on your DZ09 smart watch. They currently come mounted with the smart watch, so there is no demand to download and install as well as attach them on your own. However, this attribute is just readily available for the more recent variations of DZ09 Version 1.0 of DZ09 does not sustain any one of these features, while change 2.1 assists only Facebook and Twitter.

Also, you need to put a SIM card to the smart watch for you to utilize Facebook and WhatAapp functions.

What Mobile Applications Can You Utilize on the DZ09 Smart Watch?

You can dial-up as well as get phone calls straight on your DZ09 smart watch, send out and receive messages, as well as e-mail notifications. You can additionally utilize it for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, as well as various other press applications.

Plus, you can additionally play video games with your DZ09 smart watch. However, mounting them may not be as simple as most likely to the play shop to download and install the video game.


The battery life of a DZ09 smart watch will certainly differ depending on the version as well as the supplier. Some look excellent with around 5 hrs of energetic usage with 180 hrs of standby, while others can last for 24 hrs, depending upon the task as well as use. When seeking a DZ09 smart watch, it would certainly be clever to have a look at the current battery time before purchasing.

3 Reasons to Buy DZ09 Smart Watch

1. Great Value for Money

There is plenty of smartwatches readily available on the market. But, if you are seeking an excellent alternative with lots of features as well as functions, however, it does not set you back a heap; after that, the DZ09 smart watch is an excellent purchase for you. It’s a feature-packed smart watch at a cost-effective cost.

2. Convenient Standalone Phone

Imagine if you can obtain as well as send out SMS straight from your phone, dial-up or respond to phone calls, or stay on top of Facebook. You can do all that straight from your smart watch. If you do not intend to bring a phone with you, this DZ09 smart watch is a practical means to remain in touch.

3. With Special Functions

Calls, messages, as well as e-mails, are not the only points you can access with your DZ09 smart watch. It features a host of various other features, also, particularly for your health and wellness, like rest surveillance and evaluation, calorie counter, digital pedometer, as well as much more. You can additionally utilize it to pay attention as well as take pictures of your favored songs.

Top 5 DZ09 Smart Watch Reviews

1. Padgene Bluetooth Smart Watch Camera

1-Padgene Dz09 Bluetooth Smart watch

  • 2.0 MP electronic camera.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.
  • Sleep screen, as well as a digital pedometer.
  • Tracking attributes, and anti-loss modern technology.
  • Synchronizable schedule.
  • Supports as much as 32 GB exterior flash memory cards.
  • Supports Android and iPhone.

The Padgene DZ09 smart watch sustains standalone micro-SIM cards. If you put as well as opened the SIM card in this smart watch, you can utilize the Padgene DZ09 smart watch to make phone calls. You can additionally opt-out of placing a SIM card as well as straight link the smart watch to your phone to make phone calls.

With the standard 1.56 inches LCD touchscreen display screen, this DZ09 smart watch features the primary electronic camera, a monitoring attribute, as well as Bluetooth connection. The smart watch additionally sustains as much as 32 GB flash memory card, which is excellent for paying attention and saving to songs. In enhancement, the Padgene DZ09 features a pair extra great functions such as range tracker, action tracker, calories tracker, as well as it can additionally track the high quality of your rest.

Although this smart watch sustains the iPhone connection, some functions may be inaccessible, like syncing press notices as well as messages. However, it will entirely get in touch with Android 4.3+ mobile phones.

The battery for this low-cost smart watch is additionally excellent, with 5 hrs of energetic usage as well as 180 hrs of standby time. What makes this DZ09 smart watch an excellent option is it functions like several of the extra costly smart watches available. It permits you to make or receive messages, calls, e-mails, in addition to link to your social network accounts. Plus, it looks excellent and features much more great functions at an inexpensive cost.


  • Attractive style with some coating options.
  • Lots of functions at a cost-effective cost.


  • Issues with the band have been reported.

2. WJPILIS Touchscreen Bluetooth Smart Watch

2-WJPILIS Smart Watch DZ09 Touchscreen

  • Bluetooth 3.0.
  • 24- hr battery life.
  • Activity monitoring.
  • Sleep surveillance, as well as evaluation.
  • Water-resistant.

A devoted smart watch does not need to be very costly, as well as this WJPILIS Touchscreen Bluetooth Smart Watch features a range of functions you’re seeking in a smart watch. You can utilize it to make and respond to phone calls; however the SMS assistance is just readily available for Android gadgets.

You can either utilize this low-cost smart watch with a SIM card or link it with your phone using Bluetooth. You additionally obtain a host of various other functions from this smart watch, such as rest surveillance as well as task monitoring. You can utilize it to count your everyday actions, gauge the range you took a trip, and get an approximated overall of your shed calories. It’s additionally an outstanding companion for a much healthier way of living with the smart watch’s bedtime monitoring as well as rest high-quality information evaluation.

The WJPILIS DZ09 is additionally an excellent buddy. As quickly as you’ve placed an exterior SD card, you can utilize the smart watch to pay attention and play your songs. Although it does not have an earphone jack, you can link Bluetooth earphones to it correctly. Other works you can utilize in this smart watch consists of schedule, alarm, calculator, remote capture, as well as electronic camera internet browser.

Although you just get minimal features when making use of the smart watch with iPhone 5 as well as 5s, it can quickly get in touch with a lot of Android phones as well as the current iPhones, And in regards to battery life, this smart watch can last as much as around 24 hrs; however, it still would certainly depend upon your use.


  • Decent battery life.
  • Attractive style.
  • Feature- loaded at a cost-effective cost.


  • Doesn’ t assistance SMS for iPhone phones.

3. Wzpiss DZ09 Bluetooth Fitness Pedometer

Wzpiss DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch Pedometer

  • 54″ TFT LCD touchscreen.
  • Audio gamer.
  • Anti- shed attribute.
  • Remote electronic camera.
  • Mobile phone notices.
  • Supports Android as well as iPhone.

One of the most useful features of the Wzpiss Bluetooth Fitness Pedometer is its appealing, however relaxed style, making it resemble several of the other costly smart watches on the market. It features a stainless-steel surface area, ergonomic style, anti-sweat surface area therapy with a matte coating, and a comfy soft band. And in addition to stunning style, this DZ09 smart watch additionally features a lot of long suits.

The Wzpiss DZ09 is created with a very delicate 1.54- inches TFT LCD touchscreen display screen. It additionally features a 240 ×240 pixel resolution, which is a little bit excellent for its kind. Plus, this DZ09 smart watch features many various other functions and features, consisting of both Bluetooth and network settings, task monitoring, mobile phone syncing capability, and extra. It additionally features a radar as an anti-lost modern technology, a remote electronic camera, as well as an audio gamer. Other includes you can utilize with this DZ09 smart watch consists of schedule, alarm, as well as an audio recorder as soon as you’ve placed in the SD card.


  • Nice as well as appealing style.
  • Affordable smartwatch with a range of functions.


  • It only sustains partial features for iPhone 5/5s.

4. YIIXIIYN DZ09 Touchscreen Bluetooth Smart Watch

YIIXIIYN Smart Watch DZ09 Touchscreen Bluetooth Smartwatch

  • 54- inches OLED touchscreen display screen.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Two functioning settings.
  • Activity tracker.
  • Remote capture.
  • Sound recorder.
  • Pedometer
  • Two- means anti-lost attribute.
  • 24- hr battery life.

A smart watch should not know everything about appearance, and it needs to feature many great features also, which is what you can obtain with the YIIXIIYN Touchscreen Bluetooth SmartWatch This DZ09 smart watch has a contemporary as well as smooth style, making it resemble the majority of the premium smart watches you can discover on the market. It includes a clear as well as great 1.54- inches OLED touchscreen display screen in a top-notch stainless-steel surface area.

And while the smart watch is developed well, the band it features is comfy as well as ergonomic with an anti-sweat matte surface area coating. Plus, this smart watch is additionally waterproof, so you can use it also under the rainfall or when cleaning your hands with no fear. However, you need to stay clear of using it while swimming as it is not waterproof.

And although the YIIXIIYN DZ09 has a whole lot to provide when it comes to making, it has some great functions. It’s a multifunctional smart watch with features such as a task tracker, rest surveillance, digital pedometer, and less active suggestion. You can additionally utilize it to videotape audios; however, you require to place an exterior SD card. The smart watch additionally works as a picture audience and an alarm with a 0.3 MP electronic camera as well as a two-way anti-lost modern technology.

Overall, this smart watch can provide a whole lot at an appealing cost and it works with a lot of Android gadgets as well as the current variation of iPhone gadgets.


  • Sleek, trendy, as well as contemporary style.
  • Multifunctional smartwatch.
  • Strong style building, however, a comfy band.


  • The sleep screen attribute can be much better.

5. Sazooy DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

Sazzoy Smart Watch DZ09

  • 54- inches TFT LCD touchscreen display screen.
  • 2G/2.5 G GSM/GPRS SIM card assistance.
  • Network as well as Bluetooth functioning settings.
  • Sleep, and task surveillance.
  • Calorie counter.
  • Voice recorder.
  • Support 32 GB SD flash memory cards.

Phones are remarkable; however, you can currently do all things you perform with your phone is simply a little tool like the Sazooy Bluetooth Smart Watch. By merely placing a suitable SIM card to the smart watch, you can utilize it as an independent cellphone. You can use it to send out as well as receive messages, make and get phone calls, videotape your voice, and take images.

But if you opt-out of placing a SIM card, you can still utilize this smart watch and all its functions by linking it to your smart phone with Bluetooth Then, you can dial-up as well as respond to phone calls, send out and receive some messages,and get pointers with straight from your watch You can additionally utilize the watch for Twitter, WhatsApp, as well as Facebook.

The Sazooy DZ09 is a multifunction smart watch with songs syncing and remote electronic camera control. It additionally has a trendy feature to aid you in having a much healthier way of living, such as rest screen, health, and fitness tracker, digital pedometer, calorie counter, as well as less active and beverage water suggestion. In enhancement, the watch can additionally be made use of as a voice recorder, photo audience, alarm, as well as song gamer.

Overall, the Sazooy DZ09 is an excellent smart watch to have if you are seeking a classy device with lots of extraordinary features at an appealing cost.


  • Fashionable style.
  • Comfortable band.
  • Multifunction.


  • The anti-lost attribute is just readily available forAndroid

4 Things to Look for When Buying DZ09 Smart Watch

1. Design and Build

You would certainly desire a smart watch that can last you for a very long time. In that instance, you require to develop and think about the style when purchasing a DZ09 smart watch. A high-grade make and develop, indicate the watch isn’t most likely to quit on you quickly.

One of the concerns with watches is the band that can quickly detach or breaks. If you desire your DZ09 smart watch to last, after that, you need to search for a resilient as well as a solid band. However, it is soft, and additionally comfy. A sweat-proof band is additionally an excellent attribute to think about.

2. Multi-Function

If you desire a DZ09 smart watch, after that, you may also choose the variation or version that features several helpful features and functions you can utilize. Most DZ09 smart watches will undoubtedly permit you to receive as well as make phone calls, send out and get e-mails and messages. It can additionally have health and fitness as well as health and wellness features such as rest surveillance, rest high-quality evaluation, less active notices, and extra.

3. Water Resistant Feature

A waterproof attribute may be an additional attribute you want to have for your DZ09 watch. It implies you can use it without fear under typical damp problems. Although most DZ09 smart watches are not waterproof and you can not use them while swimming.

4. Battery Life

The battery life for a DZ09 differs depending upon the version or supplier. So, if you are seeking a DZ09 that can last you for a lot longer time than a lot of, after that, you need to consist of the battery time in the checklist of functions you need to think about before purchasing one. The battery time will undoubtedly aid in identifying the length of time the watch will undoubtedly serve before you need to charge it once again. Although most DZ09 smart watches have a standard 24- hr battery life, the battery life will certainly additionally depend upon just how you utilize the watch.


The DZ09 is a feature-packed watch that takes comfort and convenience to the following degree. Whether you utilize a SIM card or link it to your cellphone, it’s simple to make aand send out or receive phone calls and get messages straight from the device you bring about with you always. Plus, the DZ09 is multi-functional. It’s not simply for staying on top of your get in touches with, however additionally for your health and wellness with its excellent health and fitness tracker and rest keeping an eye on features…

Overall, the DZ09 uses functions ultimately at an inexpensive cost. This DZ09 smart watch review needs to have the ability to aid you in making the best acquisition.