Longines VS Rolex Watches: Which Is Better?

We typically hear, “Which’s a better watch, a Longines or Rolex?”… and depending upon the context of the concern, it can be addressed a number of methods. Let us resolve every one of them, shall we?

We are here to offer responses to all the essential concerns you’re most likely asking yourself when comparing Longines VS Rolex.

These two high-end brand names are both incredibly popular and are typically thought about when searching for a high-end watch from a popular Swiss watchmaker. You might be thinking about a purchase and wish to discover which is a much better watch; Rolex or Longines.

FOR THE RECORD: Both of these two brand names produce terrific watches. That being stated, when it comes to Rolex VS Longines, let’s discover if it’s Longines or Rolex that is the very best brand name for you.

For your benefit, we produced two buttons that connect to each brand name must you want to compare their items while reading this contrast aesthetically. Clicking on either among the buttons will open a brand-new tab so you can see them side by side.

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Which Brand is Better, Longines, or Rolex?

There are 16 watch brand names that rank in the top 50 Swiss brand names. This will provide you a concept of simply how essential watchmaking remains in Switzerland in addition to how huge these brand names actually are. In regards to acknowledgment, this is how Longines VS Rolex compares.

Rolex Versus Longines Comparison

Rolex is the #3 most acknowledged Swiss brand name around the world * Only Nescafe and Nestle are prior to them that makes Rolex the #1 most identifiable Swiss watch brand name with virtually 100% global brand name acknowledgment.

Longines remain in position #24 of the very same top 50 * Swiss brand names making Longines the 5th most identifiable Swiss watch brand name on the planet. Are they a significant brand name? Yes! Major with a capital’M’. People simply remember the Rolex brand name more.

So in regards to the number of remarks, you’ll get if you used each watch, possibilities are, you will hear “Hey, Nice Rolex!” more frequently because a greater portion of individuals (a number of which are not “watch people” per se) will keep in mind Rolex compared to Longines However, anybody who understands anything about watches would understand that Longines is likewise an outstanding watch brand name regardless of it being a lower-market brand name when compared to Rolex.

*Source: Most Valuable Swiss Brands by Interbrand, a firm that determines brand name worth.

Rolex VS Longines Prices

Rolex Prices start at about $5,700 which has to do with seven times more than the least expensive Longineswatch At the minute, and the least expensive brand-new Rolex watch would be the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 mm males’s watch followed by the Rolex Datejust 31 mm women watches which cost about $500 more than the Oyster Perpetual 39 mm. These, like all Rolexes, utilize automated qualities that are simply mechanical motions.

Longines Prices start at a lot less than the cost of a Rolex With more budget-friendly watches such as the 43 mm Conquest or the males 41 mm and 39 mm Longines HydroConquest Quartz for about $200 more than the 43 mm Conquest. This Longines enjoys usage affordable battery-powered quartz motions, unlike Rolex, which has no Quartz watches. The more costly Longines enjoys mechanical usage qualities.

You should, nevertheless, compare apples with apples. Rolex does not make quartz watches, duration. They pride themselves on just producing mechanical watches, which are thought-about more prominent by watch enthusiasts and collectors the world over. Yes, there utilized to be quartz Rolexes in the past. The Rolex Oysterquartz was last included in their brochure in 2001; however, since that last run, they have actually ditched the concept and rather concentrated on producing high-precision and just high-end mechanical qualities for their watches.

Rolex or Longines: Which Holds Value Best?

Is Longines a great watch? Yes, an outstanding watch. There is a direct connection through in between the worth of a brand name, the acknowledgment of the resale, and a brand name worth. While there are some watches that have a high resale worth for other factors such as the rarity or renowned status of a watch, as a basic guideline, the much better the brand name, the more you’ll return when attempting to offer it. This holds true with the majority of items, not simply watches.

In regards to the street worth of Rolex watches, you actually can’t paint a response with a broad brush. However, in regards to the portion of what you initially spent for a Longines or Rolex versus what you can offer it for, you will definitely get more when reselling your Rolex enjoys compared to reselling your Longines watch. It’s offered each time. What’s much better than a Rolex? In regards to resale worth? Nothing.

Now, regarding why you ‘d wish to offer a stunning Longines or Rolex watch? Beats me. However, let’s take a look at typical reasons that some individuals would (or would not) purchase a Longines or a Rolex watch.

Pros and Cons of Buying Longines Watches


They have a track record for being really precise Quartz enjoys like the Longines Conquest V.H.P. 41 mm, which represents Very High Precision, and provides on its pledge with just a variance of +/- 5 seconds each year. They really budget-friendly when compared to Rolexes. There are numerous designs from which to pick. Theirs enjoys been available in various case shapes. They have numerous scandal sheet watches and restricted edition watches. Longines have actually quartz designs that provide more accuracy and need less upkeep than mechanical watches.


They are an extremely significant watch brand name; however, not as much of a popular watch brand name as Rolex. They typically do not hold the very same resale worth as Rolex watches. They do not produce as numerous very costly blingy designs as Rolex (if that’s what you’re searching for). While watch lovers would acknowledge a Longines as a remarkable watch and an extremely appreciated brand name that provides both mechanical and quartz watches, some watch lovers, who typically admire the micromechanics tend to sing the applauds of brand names that solely provide simply mechanical watches. This isn’t always a con in any method because there are likewise many individuals who choose quartz watches; however, it must, however, be pointed out.

As you can see from the above advantages and disadvantages that through their special line of product. Longines have actually placed their brand name in the high-end watch market as a maker that produces watches that are high quality, economically priced, and trusted. They have numerous top quality tools enjoys that consist of horological issues such as retrograde, chronographs, GMT/Dual Time Zone, and so on. They are really competitively priced.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Rolex Watches


They are the most acknowledged brand name of high-end watches on the planet. They have, in basic, a much better resale worth than the majority of high-end watch brand names. They have numerous blingy designs with diamond bezels, pavé dials (faces paved with diamonds), rare-earth elements of all sorts … if you’re into that Many developments are patented by Rolex such as their Parachrom blue, Osterflex bracelets, Oysterlock, Everose gold (increased gold) alloy, Cerachrom bezel inserts, Triplock locking crown, and more Rolex makes numerous renowned watches such as the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Rolex Explorer, Sea-Dweller and more. Their mechanical watches are all Superlative Chronometers, which are exact and extremely precise mechanical motions with a minimum accuracy of -2/ +2 seconds each day…


They are less budget-friendly than Longines. Not as various case shapes from which to pick. Not as numerous scandal sheet watches and restricted edition watches.