Movado Smartwatch 2.0 Review

Movado smartwatch review about capacity, size, style, performance. What kind of screen does Movado smartwatch have.

Movado smartwatch price, colors, battery, rate monitor, type of charging, compatible operating system.

The very first generation of the Movado Connect was sleek, but the case size was 46.5 mm-wide. The Movado Connect 2.0 will be available in 41 mm-wide and 40 mm-wide cases.

This 2nd smartwatch from Movado comes two years after the business’s preliminary smartwatch offering and intending to add several enhancements to make for a stylish yet practical Movado smartwatch.

The watches can be found in 15 designs for males and ladies, with 40 mm or 42 mm face diameter. Like the new Apple Watch, the Movado Connect 2.0 functions an always-on AMOLED screen and “hundreds of personalized dial variations.” The watches include Google Assistant, a heart rate monitor, activity tracking with Google Fit, GPS, NFC payments with Google Pay, and an accelerometer. Battery life is 2 to four days. The Movado Connect 2.0 series has 8GB of storage and 1GB of memory, and it runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100. The Movado smartwatch deals with both Android phones and iPhones.

movado smartwatch review

Movado Smartwatch Price

The Movado Connect 2.0 watche’s price begins at $495, compared to the Apple Watch Series 5’s $399 cost.

The Movado Connect 2.0 steps up the game with 1 GB of RAM. That is even coupled with 8 GB of internal storage. The latter might be beneficial for saving music for offline playback and saving activity logs. That said, some might wonder if there are such things as excessive when it comes to RAM since the platforms do not precisely benefit from that anyhow.

The great thing that’s not the only thing going for the Connect 2.0: even with whatever going on, Movado smartwatch still promises 2 to 4 days of battery life.

New to the Connect 2.0 are the programmable pushers on the best side of the case. The very first generation Connect only had touchscreen capability, which is still present, but I discover some peace of mind in the ease of these substantial additions.

The new Connect 2.0 comes in a variety of surfaces, consisting of Black, Gold, and Rose Gold, while likewise offering a selection of interchangeable bands to select from made of fabric, metal, or leather.

As for any extra features and sensing units, the Movado Connect 2.0 consists of GPS, a heart rate display, microphone, turning crown, two programmable buttons, ambient light sensing unit, a gyroscope, and even an altimeter. There is no mention of a speaker if that’s something you were looking for on this Movado smartwatch.

Between the two sizes and a variety of surfaces of Movado smartwatch, there are up to 15 various combinations for you to order, if  you are interested. A few of those alternatives include black ion-plated, light gold ion-plated, carnation gold ion-plated, and regular stainless-steel. Strap choices range from canvas to steel, but those are likewise easily swappable.

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The AMOLED screen of Movado smartwatch is always on, which is something rollover from the previous generation. There are over 100 customizable dial variations at launch; however, I have to say that, given the contemporary, smooth style of the Connect 2.0, the Museum dial looked the most natural to me. The overall design here is top-notch in both idea and execution.


Something that Movado has certainly solved is the design of the Connect 2.0. Whether you’re getting the 40 mm or the 42 mm Movado smartwatch (which we selected) enjoy a face, it looks fantastic on your wrist and does not feel bulky, in spite of its appearances.

The Movado smartwatch has a turning crown that permits you to browse through menus, and likewise turn the screen off or on. There are also two additional buttons on the side that can be tailored to release an app or feature quickly on the Movado smartwatch.

New with the Connect 2.0 is the heart rate monitor constructed into the ceramic case back for fast readings. There’s also GPS at long last, which means you can track your motions even when the watch isn’t paired with your phone, or launch Google Maps for quick directions without having to grab your phone.

Charging the Movado smartwatch is done using an exclusive charging pad that magnetically snaps to the back of the Movado smartwatch. It would have been better if the Connect 2.0 supported Qi cordless charging instead, but here’s hoping that gets presented with the next iteration.

Specs-wise you have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage, all powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. There’s likewise Google Pay available to rapidly pay by tapping the Connect 2.0 versus a card reader.


The Movado Connect 2.0 deal with both iOS and Android, nevertheless you’ll get the best experience when pairing it with an Android smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded Wear OS to your phone and followed the guidelines for pairing, you’ll discover the Connect 2.0 in the Wear OS app.

From here, you can fine-tune different settings and likewise alter or download new watch deals with. Movado smartwatch has stated that over 100 watch faces will be offered for the Connect 2.0; however, we just had access to 4 when we downloaded the app.

Through the Google Fit app, you’re able to trigger several exercises and track them appropriately. Whatever from weight lifting to aerobics to running is all simply a couple of taps away. Connect 2.0 is just graded as IPX8, so while it is resistant to water splashes or sweat, you can’t wear it while swimming.

Exercise tracking and heart rate monitoring were both relatively accurate on the Movado smartwatch, so if you desire a smartwatch that can likewise double as a decent physical fitness tracker, then the Connect 2.0 won’t disappoint. We certainly advise swapping out to the fabric straps for gym usage and utilizing the stainless-steel or leather strap for everyday usage. Sleep tracking is only made it possible for using third-party apps, though the Connect 2.0 isn’t something we ‘d feel comfortable sleeping with at night.


As with a lot of smartwatches, the battery life of Movado smartwatch will depend entirely on what functions you’re utilizing. If you frequently turn on the GPS for tracking or have the brightness set to high instead of Auto on this Movado smartwatch, then you’ll practically be able to make it through the day before grabbing the charger.

With notifications turned on and minimal physical fitness tracking on this Movado smartwatch, we could squeeze around three days of use out of the Connect 2.0, which isn’t too bad.

The Movado Connect 2.0 is a smartwatch that looks impressive on your wrist. It’s light-weight, simple to accent, and does a great job of keeping you upgraded through the day. The battery life of the Movado smartwatch is also good, and it can track most of your exercise regimens with ease.

Where things go a bit weary is with WatchOS itself – it does not seem like a fluid OS to match the Connect 2.0’s looks, and there are certainly times where we were stabbing at a screen that was sluggish to react from our taps.