Patek Philippe VS Rolex Watches – review

If you are looking to purchase a Patek Philippe or a Rolex and you do not know which one is the right one for you, this is the best place to be, because in this article we provide you all the pieces of information you need to make a decision. So read forward, and you will definitely be able to find the perfect watch to match your needs.

Patek Philippe

ACHIEVEMENTS: Their numerous noteworthy accomplishments consist of actually creating the watch, for instance, producing the Patek Philippe Calibre 89, which is among the world’s most complex watches with 33 problems and a lot more are a couple of great factors to provide the regard they really should have. Patek Philippe has actually been leading in the development and is thought about among the “Trinity” watchmakers.

BRAND PRESTIGE: Patek Philippe’s the 3rd most acknowledged brand name of Swiss-made watches on the planet with just 2 of the less distinguished, yet more well-known brand names.

There are numerous that would boldly state that Patek Philippe is the “Rolls Royce” of Swiss sees or perhaps call it’s a Rich Man’s Rolex” Patek Philippe’s brand name worth was approximated in 2020 to be at 1.947.120.175 $ according to Interbrand, a firm which determines brand name worth and acknowledgment of Switzerland’s top 50 brand names.

BRAND MESSAGE: Their well-known motto from their renowned advertising campaign goes: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation”. As strange as it sounds, their advertisements do not even market watches, they market household treasures that maintain worth. Patek Philippe watches can, in fact, move worth and usually value over generations.

RESALE VALUE: Patek Philippe’s watches are understood to either hold their worth or perhaps value in time. Patek Philippe has among the greatest resell worths amongst its rivals, with the exception of Rolex. So there is much reality to their project motto; it’s a precise description of their items. Patek Philippe perhaps owns the top-tier of high-horology.

Once, the most costly watches ever offered was a Patek Philippe with numerous problems and cost over 11 million dollars, 2nd just to a Rolex that was used by PaulNewman Whereas one gets its worth from the truth that a star used it, the other gets its worth from the truth that they produce watches that are thought-about work of arts to any master-watchmaker.


ACHIEVEMENTS: Rolex was established by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905 and is today, the one high-end watch brand name that everybody on the planet understands by name despite the fact that they are rather the young brand name compared to Patek Philippe. That’s rather an accomplishment. They set out to produce tool watches that are useful and make those remarkably precise with their superlative chronometers.

BRAND PRESTIGE: Rolex is the #1 most acknowledged and important Swiss watch brand name on the planet. Out of the top 50 Swiss businesses on the planet, Rolex is the 3rd most important Swiss brand name.

Rolex is the most important and identifiable high-end watch brand name with numerous star recommendations throughout the years. Rolex’s brand name worth was approximated in 2020 to be at 7.630.438.585 $ according to Interbrand, a firm that criteria Swiss brand names to figure out the top 50 If you’re using one, so you will most likely turn a lot of heads and get rather a couple of remarks on your watch.

CLIENTELE: For over 113 years, Rolex had satisfied watch collectors all over the world and has actually brought in numerous high profile clients that include Hollywood celebs such as stars and music artists. The individuals that tend to buy a Rolex watch are typically the types that have high gratitude for hard watches; however, likewise, like the attention that features using one from a well-known brand name. On the disadvantage, Rolex is likewise the most knocked-off high-end watch brand name.

BRAND MESSAGE: Rolex emits an extremely various message with their branding than many watchmakers. They pride themselves on being the watch that made it to the acme on world earth, and the most affordable depths undersea understood to male. Their brand name message is that of experience and a watch that you can rely on throughout these explorations. They are undoubtedly backing it up with built-to-last workmanship and have the longest guarantee duration in the market with their 5-year guarantee.

RESALE VALUE: Another location where Rolex comes out at the extremely leading is resale worth. There is no other watch brand name that holds its worth like Rolex However, Rolex and Patek Philippe both will typically bring a greater portion of your primary financial investment compared to many brand names…

Of course, when it pertains to resale worth, you can’t paint a brand name with a broad brush. It will constantly depend upon the watch itself, the condition it’s in, if it is still under guarantee, if it has all the other variables and initial files. When a Rolex values in worth, there are likewise times. For example, Paul Newman’s Rolex was offered at Phillips Auction for 17.8 million dollars.