Review: Piaget Polo S

Piaget Polo S type of bracelet, case, material, technical specifications. An accurate comparison between Piaget Polo S and Patek Philippe, which is best and why.

Piaget Polo S objective review about functions, design, type of dial, functions, and applications.

The initial Piaget Polo was a response to the seismic shift of watchmaking into 2 conclusive classifications, innovation and high-end. On the one hand, with Piaget Polo S, you had your battery-powered future watches, precise and economical, and on the other, a flowering market for indulgent luxury.

For Piaget– and numerous others, Patek Philippe consisted of– this was a record-scratch minute. If the slow development of the Rolex Submariner had not made it apparent, the Swiss watch market is a lolloping tortoise, sluggish to understand and even slower to respond, and it was just when Audemars Piguet opened the trick to preventing impending doom did the others do the same.

For Patek Philippe, that was with the 1976 Nautilus, and for Piaget, the 1979 Polo. Only then the functions were reversed on the Piaget Polo S; the Nautilus was a copy of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak from a couple of years previously, and the Piaget Polo S – well, the Piaget Polo S was something else entirely.

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Fashioned completely in gold, Piaget Polo S was a watch intended solely at the sort of individuals who took pleasure in the watch’s name video game, polo. A sport for those too rich to utilize their own legs, a polo lover was precisely the sort of individual for whom a pricey and right away recognizable watch was the least they would think about.

But Piaget Polo S didn’t simply do a Patek Philippe and fine-tune the Royal Oak simply enough to prevent a copyright claim, and it went for it. Yes, there was an incorporated bracelet on the Piaget Polo S; however, the resemblances stopped there. Imagine an Omega Constellation, with the segmented bracelet– however, with the sectors continuing all the method around the watch, through the case and even throughout the dial. All in gold, Piaget Polo S was striking to state the least.

And it worked too, comprising a 3rd of Piaget’s sales by1980 I suggest, you can simply picture how well a wacky, strong gold watch carried out in the eighties, years most widely known for its obvious luxury. But it’s not the eighties any longer, and whilst the Polo was definitely area on for that period, it’s not aged well– therefore we have the Piaget Polo S rather. So yes, it might be a copy of the Nautilus; however, I believe the waters are muddied enough that we can forgive it that. The genuine concern is, does the Piaget Polo S challenge the Nautilus in quality the method it performs in appearances?

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Being reasonable to the Piaget Polo S, it just actually requires to be half as excellent as the Patek Philippe, or when comparing residuals, one-tenth. With your professional accounting hat on, nevertheless, a valuing possession like the Nautilus gives way more sense, however, let’s think about the reality that if you’re in the position to be purchasing one, you’re not going to be listening from a set of talking hands on the web, anyhow.

So, let’s bust out the mega, macro lens, and start. Patek Philippe might be a modern-day standard for watchmaking quality; however, Piaget Polo S is adept either, accountable at one point or another for no less than the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, the world’s thinnest automated watch and the world’s thinnest tourbillon for, well, for the sake of it.

In a method, we ought to be grateful to Piaget Polo S for offering us this chance for such a close contrast between 2 popular brackets of high watchmaking. Budget smart, the Piaget– although by no methods low-cost– is at the bottom end of the Swiss, high-end, handcrafted stack, with the Patek Philippe someplace towards the upper middle, leaving space for your Voutilainens and Roger Smiths and so on.

And there is a distinction, a considerable one when you search in close. I can see how it might look like much of a muchness; however, it’s like any pursuit: the more you understand, the more you see. The dials, for example, the Piaget Polo S is ended up in an elegant sapphire blue that radiates through the clarity of its surface. The Nautilus, nevertheless – that has not just a fragile, smoky gradient to it, however likewise among the subtlest sunburst patterns I’ve ever seen, offering it a twinkle that appears to exist within the dial instead of on it.

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The exact same opts for the brushed and polished surfaces throughout the bracelets and cases. On the Piaget Polo S, you’re taking a look at crisp, even brushwork and a deep, shiny polish– however, once again on the Patek Philippe, these applications do not a lot look like texture on the product as it is within it. The brushing resembles silk, the polish like liquid. The bevelling that runs the length of the case and bracelet is a growth that shows another level of competence over the Piaget Polo S.

Unsurprisingly, the motions are likewise emblematic of the budget plan. Although both watches are endowed with manufacturer-made calibers, the 1110 P for the Piaget Polo S and the 26-330 S C in the Patek Philippe, it’s like the Patek Philippe simply has an additional resolution, staying crisp as the Piaget starts to get soft.

At this point, you’ll most likely be whining to yourself about how I’m nit-picking and do you understand what– you’re. There is a distinction, it is considered in the best light, and with the best zoom, however, on any other day in any other scenario, all things might also be equivalent. It’s the law of lessening returns, a law that makes picking in between these two even more challenging.

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So, which of these two comparable, yet oh-so various watches, is finest? Well, that’s as much about you as it has to do with them. If you’re ready to pay the asking or wait a long, very long time, the Patek Philippe provides the much better experience, however, one that’s matched and even gone beyond by other watches readily available for less– consisting of other Patek Philippes. The Piaget Polo S is the inferior watch, however not by anywhere near the margin you may have maybe anticipated, which, with factor to consider to the huge distinction in rate, ends up being completely more enticing. If you’re searching for my guidance, put it by doing this– my cash would not be going to the Swiss at all…