Rolex VS Zenith: Which is Best?

I’m often asked: “What’s better, a Rolex or a Zenith watch?”, and this is the precise type of concern that you ought to ask before making a high factor to consider purchase such as a high-end watch Furthermore, this concern can hold numerous various contexts such as: “Which brand is more popular?”, “Which brand makes more complicated watches?” “Which brand makes higher quality watches?” and even “Which has better resale value?” and so on.

The genuine concern is: “Better in terms of what?”. All these will be addressed in our thorough contrast to Zenith and Rolex. Let’s start, shall we?

Rolex VS Zenith

Historically speaking, Zenith is an older brand name than Rolex and has been making watches for almost 35 years longer than Rolex. However, Rolex has been making terrific usage of their time developing their brand name to the point that they now produce around 2,000 Rolex items daily.


Which brand is more popular? This is going to be a simple concern to respond to. Rolex is a more popular brand name than Zenith. Despite being a substantially more youthful brand name, they handled to reach the top. The Rolex brand name is #3 in the top 50 most important Swiss brand names, which makes it the #1 most identifiable Swiss watch brand name. Zenith, although a popular high-end watch brand name, never made it to the list.

Source: Interbrand, a brand name evaluation firm which benchmarked the top 50 most popular Swiss brand names… many of which are Swiss watchmakers.

Resale Value

Zenith VS Rolex: which brand name holds value best? When thinking about a high-ticket product, rarely does somebody ever believe in offering a watch before they purchase it; however, it is smart to think about this. The resale worth is necessary because in case you ever required to offer the watch, you wish to make sure that you return as much as possible when doing so.

That stated, the typical resale worth of a Zenith is lower than a Rolex. At the same time, Zenith is a smaller market brand name than Rolex, and this might be a description, however, to be frank, Rolex will hold a higher typical resell worth over any other brand name, consisting of the most pricey tier 1 high-end watch brand names. So this does not eliminate much from Zenith, because it discovers itself in the very same circumstance as every other watchmaker in this regard.


Rolex versus Zenith Prices: An entry-level males’ Zenith watch, such as the Elite timeless 39 mm, begins at a retail market price of $4,700. For the girls, the most inexpensive Zenith watch is the Zenith Star 33 mm, which starts at about $100 less.

The most affordable brand-new Rolex watch available will cost you about $1000 more than the most affordable Zenith watch, which would be the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 mm. Keep in mind this is among those scenarios where you ought to likewise take into account the resale worth when crunching the numbers. Watches resemble vehicles in a sense that as quickly as you utilize it, a great piece of the value is currently lost.

Accuracy & Precision

What is more precise, a Zenith or a Rolex? One of the essential things that these two watch brand names are terrific at is precision, yet each in their unique method. When it comes to total correctness and accuracy, Rolex makes an exceptional mechanical quality. Their motions are much more precise than the essential COSC chronometer.

This is why you will see the words “Superlative Chronometer” on the dials of contemporary Rolex watches. This implies that the watch has a precision, which a discrepancy limit of +2/ -2 seconds daily. The basic COSC accredited watch is -4/ +6 seconds daily.

Zenith, on the other hand, has an extraordinarily exact and renowned chronograph motion (a motion with a stop-watch function). In truth, when it was very first launched in 1969, after seven years of advancement, it was the extremely first automated chronograph in history. Their famous El Primero motion is a high-beat quality that resonates at 36,600 VpH, and it can be utilized to determine the time in an extremely exact method.

Furthermore, the El Primero motion was the extreme caliber that powered the Rolex Daytona numerous moons ago before Rolex began just utilizing internal qualities in their watches.

Horological Complications

This is a location where Zenith shines brighter than the very star that influenced their trademark name. In regards to horology, numerous will evaluate a brand name by how complex their watches can get. Many brand names are appreciated for their included functions. In watchmaking, this is described as”complications.” Some examples of serious problems are continuous calendars, minute repeaters, and tourbillons, which are typically thought about by the majority of to be “la crème de la crème” in regards to problems because just a couple of produces have the “ability” to create these problems. Zenith produced the very first high-beat tourbillon, which oscillates at 36,000 VpH or 5Hz, which includes an additional level of eminence to their brand name.

Rolex does not produce any tourbillon watches. Some after-market businesses have been including them to the Milgauss enjoys recently; however Rolex does not make them. Rolex does have some delivered some quite complex motions of their own such as the Rolex internal quality 9001 discovered in the Sky-Dweller, which holds 14 patents. While this is an excellent motion, to state the least, the brand name has never aligned themselves with Haute-Horlogerie (high-horology watches), the method Zenith finished with the intro of their 5Hz and 1-minute tourbillons. Rolex, according to many people, is a high-end brand name that produces outstanding tool-watches that provide higher-than COSC Chronometer precision.


Both of these brand names make outstanding watches. Rolex watches, particularly their sports designs such as the Submariner, GMT Master II, are understood to be constructed difficult as nails. They are typically utilized as the “beater watch” for numerous high-end watch collectors that are trying to find a watch that can take a little penalty all the while preserving excellent precision…

Zenith watches are somewhat more inexpensive than a Rolex, and deal terrific worth with their extremely accurate chronographs. They do not hold their worth the method a Rolex would, and in defense of Zenith, neither does any other brand name for that matter.