Simvalley Smartwatch Review

Simvalley Smartwatch is designed to be an input and a display screen of a smartphone, and it is additionally actually a smartphone. A dual-core CPU from MediaTek gives a satisfactory performance, and also the little watch even has a cam. Our sensible review shows what the smartwatch can.

The efficiency can be compared to an entry-level gadget; the dual-core CPU MT6572 from MediaTek is more than adequate for Android 4.2. The incorporated graphics ARM Mali-400 MP is not the fastest GPU, but that is not required for the reduced display resolution of 240×240 pixels.

The very same SoC is additionally made use of in the lately evaluated Acer Liquid Z3 Duo, however various other entry-level mobile phones like the Huawei Ascend Y300 or the Sony Xperia J are intriguing for the contrast too—given explicitly that all tools set you back around 100 Euros ($ 135), which is considerably less costly than our review unit. It has a huge RRP of 399 Euros ($ 541), but it is currently offered for 199 Euros ($ 270) from the mail-order company Pearl.

Simvalley Smartwatch Display

Simvalley Smartwatch

The glossy 1.5-inch screen of the Simvalley Mobile AW-414.Go has a resolution of 240×240 pixels, which leads to a pixel density of 226 PPI for the square panel. Even smaller sized fonts are straightforward to check out, but much more complex websites promptly come to be a mess because the screen area is simply as well small.

The maker utilizes an AMOLED screen; however, this is not genuinely noticeable when you turn it on. Blacks are not very abundant, shades are not as bright as we expected from this display screen technology, and the seeing angle security can not encourage us either. There are no problems when we change the upright angle, yet that does not obtain straight changes. The illumination is quickly lowered, and colors start to invert with an angle of around 50 levels. All these outcomes show a standard LCD and also not the marketed AMOLED.

However, the most significant issue of the panel is the flickering. There are always little waves throughout the display screen; they are particularly visible with ordinary histories.

The screen leaves a positive perception outdoors. The readability is usually fairly excellent; however, the glossy glass surface develops annoying reflections under brighter light.


The smartwatch Mobile AW-414. Go has a rather big footprint with 45.3 x 44.3 x 14.1 mm (width x depth x height), yet we were surprised that it just evaluates 91 grams.

The steel instance of the smartwatch appears cumbersome, and the layout is quite practical. Nevertheless, the tool is excellent in return. It is neither susceptible to stress neither torsion, and there are no creaking sounds either. Ultimately it is IP65 accredited, which implies it is shielded against dust and also hose water from all instructions. Also, a heavy shower should not be trouble.

The mini-SIM card sits behind a small metal cover as well as can conveniently be put or gotten rid of. Also, the battery is changeable; you simply have to eliminate the bottom cover by loosening up four screws. After the elimination of the battery, you can additionally access the mini SD card port. It was a little bit difficult to put together the smartwatch with an SD card since the cover of the port does lift the battery a bit.

The band is constructed from rubber while the clasp is made from metal. Both components are well finished, and the putting on comfort is excellent, specifically for individuals that like to put on large watches. In conclusion, the gadget leaves a favorable impact; only the style is quite easy.


The connection of the Mobile AW-414. Go is somewhat limited due to the dimension. The producer-only utilizes a contact interface at the bottom for charging. The mini USB port of the charger, unfortunately, does not sustain information transfer, so data has to be traded through cloud or flash memory card. The mini-SD slot supports SDHC cards with a capacity of approximately 64 GB.

Simvalley Smartwatch Software

The Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go usages Google Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Similar to any type of smartphone, apps can be mounted via the Play Store. The user interface was redesigned to fit the tv; however, the modifications are essentially limited to the visual design of the symbols. New apps are immediately situated on the house screen, so they can rapidly become complicated. We suggest utilizing folders to boost the situation.

Connection & GPS

The communication functions of the Simvalley Mobile AW-414.Go can also be compared with an entry-level smartphone. The WLAN component supports the IEEE criteria 802.11 b/g/n in 2.4 GHz networks. Signal quality is poor.

There is no comprehensive info regarding the integrated WWAN modem. The manufacturer only lists HSPA compatibility with an optimum transfer rate of 7.2 Mbps. A comparison with a Nokia Lumia 920 in the very same network revealed that the Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go has a worse reception. The trouble is most likely connected with a restricted variety of frequencies and also the less active antenna. It is, however, enough for the periodic price contrast or mails.

We were positively amazed by the GPS module. The signal toughness was reasonable outdoors, and also we could even find our position in structures. Routes are likewise rather precise as well as gain from the smart placement of the component in the band. Our comparison tool (Nokia Lumia 920) was, nonetheless, even more exact.

Functions & Voice High Quality

You can likewise make calls with the Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go, either via incorporated hands-free functionality or through Bluetooth headset. The voice of the recipient was understandable during an examination phone call to a landline, but his voice was somewhat stifled and also a little altered. We consequently recommend a Bluetooth headset if you plan to make longer telephone calls with the smartwatch.

Cameras & Multimedia

The Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go even has an electronic camera with a 3 MP sensor, which needs to be sufficient for barcodes and also the periodic snapshot. The former can be relatively tricky and only functions under excellent lighting conditions as well as a level surface.


The number of supplied accessories is comparatively charitable. The box advises us of a regular watch as well as the AW-414. Go is additionally protected with a little cushion. Besides the charging terminal as well as the USB cable television, there are some extra screws for the covers as well as an according screwdriver. However, there is no power supply device. This is no worry if you already have a modular PSU, but otherwise, you will have to get one.

We could not find any info regarding the guarantee period. Customers within the EU obtain the primary two-year maker’s service warranty.

Input Instruments & Handling

Using the smartwatch is not as comfortable as a result of the tiny touchscreen. The capacitive display screen surface recognizes two inputs concurrently. That does not appear to be very much, yet you will certainly not utilize it extremely typically in practice. Also, a basic gesture like two-finger zooming is complicated on the screen. Yet, you will certainly have to use it regularly when you are surfing the internet, or you will certainly have problems with readability.

Two physical switches sustain the inputs. The various other button activates the home screen, and a longer push reveals the enabled applications. There is no return switch; a swipe gesture changed it from the appropriate side of the display that functions well.

An added input pen is attached to the band; however, you constantly feel of losing it. Inputs with the pen are regrettably not very exact, and they are not acknowledged continuously either. You will possibly ditch the pen after a little while and make use of the fingers since it does not boost the handling in all. It coincides circumstance with a normal pen, although it is even more accurate than the offered plastic variation, yet the dependability concerns are still there.

The digital key-board is small. However, inputs with the fingers are surprisingly specific after a limited understanding period. The key-board likewise occupies most of the screen, so you can not see what happens on the website.

One more problem is the presentation of applications. Some are gotten used to the screen material, yet the majority of them are simply chopped at the bottom. You can not scroll down either, so some control elements can not be used. This was also the issue in the application Runtastic, and also we can not log in with our existing account, therefore.

You can just use the smartwatch on the left wrist without restrictions; otherwise, the electronic camera and the buttons are relocated to the appropriate side, and also the electronic camera can not be used any longer. It is not feasible to rotate the smartwatch because the web content can not be rotated.

Simvalley Smartwatch Efficiency

The dual-core CPU has a nominal clock of 1.2 GHz, which is likewise advertised by the maker. However, every application figures out a clock of 1.3 GHz. These applications show the right outcome for the identical CPU in the Acer Fluid Z3, so the smartwatch uses a more significant clocked variation. This is likewise supported by the benchmark results that are superior to the Z3, but they can not stay on top of a premium device.

Graphics are dealt with by the integrated ARM Mali-400 MP, which is not one of the fastest chips. Nevertheless, the GPU standards reveal that it does not have to be extremely quick. Especially onscreen benchmarks take advantage of the reduced screen resolution, and also the smartphone is typically ahead of its rivals. A lot more relevant criteria like 3DMark or Epic Castle could not be set up on the tool, so we could not identify any type of off-screen results. Nonetheless, gaming on the device is hardly possible anyhow; the display is simply as well tiny.

According to the maker, the Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go is outfitted with 4 GB storage; however, you can only utilize around 1.3 GB after the initial configuration. If you intend to take pictures or listen to songs, you should obtain a mini SD card to increase the storage space.

The performance of the incorporated storage is alright and also can even exceed the opponents. Particularly the transfer rates for checking out procedures are rapid.

Temperature level

The surface area temperatures of the smartwatch are never inconvenient. It does get cozy with a mixed load for the CPU and also GPU via the application Stability Examination for one hour, but it is still workable. This situation is additionally very improbable in practice.

The surface temperature of the steel situation is promptly transferred to the skin when you wear it on the wrist.


The speaker of the AW-414. Go is remarkably loud. The top quality is not frustrating, yet the part is fairly functional, nevertheless. High tones are pretty smothered as well as often tend to distort with higher volume setups; medium and also high tones are rarely audible in all. The speaker would certainly be sufficient for telephone calls, but that is not a choice as a result of the lousy microphone performance.


Battery runtimes of the Simvalley Mobile AW-414. Go can be compared with older mobile phones. The 2.22 Wh battery lasts for greater than 2 hours, even with mixed CPU/GPU lots and also maximum display brightness. We determined the maximum runtime with minimal display brightness and activated WLAN. A web browser manuscript simulates the reading of a publication, which is not a very reasonable circumstance in this instance. The smartwatch took care of 8 hours and 15 mins, which is not an extremely strong result. The problem is probably the higher power consumption of the WLAN module. The data additionally verify this presumption: The WLAN component eaten 48% of the power; the average value in this examination is someplace around 10%.

The device is additionally interesting for athletes, so we executed an additional examination to identify the stamina of the battery with turned on GPS. The display brightness was once more lowered to the minimal worth, and all wireless connections, except the GPS module, were shut off, while the app GPS Test constantly situated our placement. The smartwatch handled a runtime of seven hours as well as 43 minutes, which must be sufficient even for a marathon.

With typical usage, you will certainly need to charge the watch every night. A total recharge does not also take one hour.


The AW-414.Go smartwatch from Simvalley Mobile reminds us of a standard device from a James Bond flick, and also it is higher than a high-tech device. Sadly there are likewise some drawbacks. The usability is restricted as a result of the tiny display size; however, the biggest problem is that you can only utilize the watch on the left wrist. It needs to be no worry to turn the screen by 180 levels to use it on the right wrist. Another downside is the flickering of the panel. We never had this problem with a smartphone, and also the video camera is not usable either.

The case, nonetheless, is durable as well as also certified according to IP65. The efficiency is more significant than enough for the tool as well as there should be no traffic jams. The battery runtimes are likewise practical, although the energy intake of the WLAN component is fairly high.

The AW-414. Go is certainly fascinating for athletes that do not wish to make use of a smartphone or an expensive GPS watch. The smartwatch additionally works as a phone and playback device for music and also audiobooks. The review device integrates several gadgets in one; however, you will certainly have to make some sacrifices. There is still a lot of space for renovation for the designers, especially when you take into consideration the cost.