TAG Heuer VS Rolex | Which Is Best?

There are numerous very first time purchasers and curious buyers that are looking for why a Rolex watch is normally more pricey than a TAG Heuer watch. People will ask us things like “Is Rolex better than a TAG Heuer? If that, why?”. Well, we’ll not just resolve this concern straight away; however we’ll likewise deal with almost any other context in which you can discover this concern.

While some presume that much better indicates it’s a watch that has a much better watch motion, there are others who are inquiring about the appeal of the brand name itself. Some are inquiring about the service warranty duration, while others are inquiring about the precision and accuracy of the watch itself or its resale worth. See where this is going? Let’s compare Rolex and TAG Heuer side-by-side, and deal with the most typical contexts that this concern can be discovered in.


From a mechanical perspective, numerous would argue that Rolex has the upper hand viewing as they do all their watch and motions internally and do not contract out parts as TAG Heuer does on much of their watches. These are semi-finished movements/calibers that function as a design template of sorts, and they can be improved by watchmakers to accommodate a variety of issues or functions depending upon the watch’s requirements and the √©bauches that are utilized to develop it.

Rolex likewise made many horological developments consisting of the kind of rotors that are discovered in automated watches that we utilize today. They have actually likewise taken excellent strides in fighting electro-magnetic disturbance, which is a huge opponent of mechanical watches.

Another intriguing indicate make is that TAG Heuer provides numerous non-mechanical watches referred to as Quartz watches, which are battery-powered and, for that reason, do not operate on springs the method automated watches and manual wind watches do. In regards to standard watchmaking, this puts Rolex a grade above considering that they are more traditionalist, and mechanical watches are thought-about to be higher-end since of the additional work it requires to develop their mechanical motions.


Rolex likewise has a 3rd celebration, COSC accredits their motions and provides the Chronometer classification for its precision and accuracy. Getting COSC certificates are expensive, and since Rolex costs are more up-market, they can quickly take in these included expenditures into their rates technique.

TAG Heuer, on the other end, likewise has really precise mechanical watches, and their president even declared that they could quickly compare to a COSC Chronometer. However, to pass the cost savings on to their consumers, they do not evaluate their motions with COSC and prevent the additional cost. It’s likewise crucial to keep in mind that TAG Heuer likewise has numerous quartz designs that are battery-powered motions which have greater precision than mechanical qualities.

One thing that Rolex does that includes worth to their watch in regards to accuracy and precision is that after they get a COSC certificate, they take the motion and location inside a watch case and provide additional screening in-house. A COSC certificate specifies that the motion is a Chronometer and it was evaluated to have a precision of within -4/ +6 seconds each day; nevertheless, after Rolex’s internal screening the watches have a brand-new classification of Superlative Chronometer (which they likewise print on the dial of the watch), and this indicates they have an improved precision of -2/ +2 seconds each day actually.


Let’s take a look at it from the brand name viewpoint and see how they place versus each other in the general Swiss watch market. There is a brand name consultancy called Interbrand that puts out a yearly list of the top 50 most popular Swiss brand names worldwide, and a big portion of these brand names are watchmakers. Let’s see how the Swiss watchmakers rank on this list and how they compare to one another in regards to brand name worth and acknowledgment.


TAG Heuer is the 12th most acknowledged watch brand name from Switzerland and, in 2016, had a projected brand name worth of 76 Million CHF. This makes them the 34th most important and popular Swiss brand name in the top 50.


Rolex is the #1 most acknowledged watch brand name worldwide. They are likewise among the most important Swiss brand names weighing in at #3 of the top 50 Swiss brand names with a projected brand name worth of 7.387 Billion CHF.

What does brand name worth indicate? Well, state you purchased a bottle of Coca-Cola brand name soda and put its contents into some generic shop brand name bottle. Would you have the ability to offer the very same item under various bottles at the very same cost as Coca-Cola? The brand name itself includes remarkable worth to an item. I remain in no chance indicating that a TAG Heuer watch is the very same as a Rolex watch on The within; on the contrary, they are really different on the within. It’s simple to supply insight regarding why specific aspects of Rolex are the method they are. For example, things like brand name acknowledgment, brand name recall, resale worth, and so on.


People frequently ask us: “What’s a better investment watch, a TAG Heuer or a Rolex?”

Neither one is. A watch is not a financial investment such as a shared fund and even realty. There is no point in taking a look at a high-end watch that method, and it’s just not real. A watch can be compared to a vehicle in regards to financial investments, the minute you utilize it even as soon as it currently dropped in worth. Furthermore, individuals consider it as a property; however, a property really produces cash such as capital gains from SEC-registered securities or rental earnings from a residential or commercial property.

That’s not to state that there have actually never ever been specific watches that have actually valued in worth for any variety of factors, however most of the time, they do not. They do nevertheless hold a particular portion of their initial worth. And this is among the locations where Rolex is king. There is just no other brand name of watches that holds its worth like Rolex.

There are numerous variables at play that add to the resale worth such as the condition the watch remains in. Can it be found in its initial box? Does it consist of any initial files & service warranty card? Is it still within the service warranty duration? Is it a restricted edition, a scandal sheet, or a numbered edition? Did some hot-shot celeb use it in a smash hit film such as a James Bond movie and all of an unexpected make it very popular? You understand.



TAG Heuer provides a 2-year service warranty duration on their watches. This is quite a basic service warranty duration compared to a lot of brand names in the market.


Before January 2015, Rolex used a 2-year service warranty duration. After Jan 2015, it ended up being a 5-year service warranty. Possibly the longest in the market.

“Should I buy a TAG Heuer or a Rolex?”

We likewise get this concern a lot. With all the important things that are various about each of these brand names, it’s normally about assessing the cost of a watch versus the functions that it provides and discovering what about the watch is necessary to you.

Some wish to pass it on as a household treasure one day, and for that reason, they are searching for a watch with the much better resale worth, in which case a Rolex is most likely best considering that they hold their worth much better than TAG Heuer.

Some might desire a watch with a serious problem such as a Tourbillon watch, in which case TAG Heuer simply brought out potentially the most budget-friendly high problem tourbillon watch on the marketplace referred to as the Carrera Heuer 02 T, which is a sensational watch and cost-effectively priced for the complex mechanical included that it provides.

Some may be looking for a remarkable scuba diver’s watch in which case the Rolex Sea-Dweller or the more timeless Submariner is most likely an excellent fit since TAG Heuer isn’t precisely understood for their outstanding scuba diver’s watches as much as they are for their Chronographs such as the Calibre Heuer 01…

However, they do have a couple of scuba diver watches in their Aquaracer series. Check out how the TAG Heuer Aquaracer compares to the Rolex Submariner.