Ticwris Max 4G review

Ticwris Max 4G review about features like design, specifications, usage. If you need to get information related to tests about this device, you are in the right place. See what is our conclusion concerning this product, by reading below.

Every from time to time, an item shocks not by its technical expertise yet by its capacity to no in on a hardly made use of particular niche. The Ticwris Max 4G appears to be among them; it is a little smart device with a wristband as well as a deal price, at much less than $150

Although Ticwris Max 4G targets the B2C market, there’s some very intriguing capacity in enterprise/B2B too for apparent factors; putting on a computer system on your wrist implies you have broken out hands.


A large watch is just how one might define the Ticwris Max 4G. With a density of 15 mm as well as an impact of 50 x 74 mm, the Ticwris Max 4G resembles a smaller sized variation of the iPhone 3G when seen from above as well as at 155 g, and it is, in fact, larger than the abovementioned Apple phone.

Ticwris Max 4G smartwatch

The Ticwris Max 4G incorporates glass with steel as well as ABS plastic (for the real system), as well as a rubber band – comparable to those on economical Casio watch – that is 34 mm at its largest and virtually 210 mm long, sufficient for many usual wrist sizes.

There’s no reference to the Ticwris brand name on the body of the watch, just on the tang buckle, which makes it simpler to exchange brand names. There’s a side shooting audio speaker grill at the back with a heartbeat sensor, pogo ports for the charging terminal, and a SIM port that’s concealed behind a flap, safeguarded by two screws.

On one side of the Ticwris Max 4G watch are two switches; the reduced one is the on/off and house switch while the one over imitates the back switch.

A pinhole video camera can likewise be discovered on the right-hand side, not much from where the microphone is.

Note that the Ticwris Max 4G gadget is IP67 ranked, which implies that it might theoretically be engaged in water, plus it looks strong enough to take a couple of knocks. There’s much much less opportunity of it being dropped down on a tough concrete surface area considered that it is most likely to be strapped to the proprietor’s wrist, a field worker, or outdoor operator.


Ticwris Max 4G is more detailed to a mobile phone than it is to watch. Indeed, you can telephone on this “watch” as well as one can say that Ticwris missed out on a technique by not enabling the gadget to be removable.

At the heart of this Ticwris Max 4G smartwatch is a quad-core Mediatek CPU, the MTK6739, which has powered a raft of entry 4G mobile phones considering that its intro in 2017 3GB of system memory as well as a massive 32 GB of storage space makes this smart device, at the very least theoretically, the matching of an iPhone 7 specification wise.

The remainder of the requirements sheet on this Ticwris Max 4G is just as excellent; an 8-megapixel front is dealing with a video camera, a nano-SIM card, a 2.8-inch 640 x 480-pixel display screen, a 2.88 Ah battery (which is billed using an exclusive docking terminal), plus GPS, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi Oh as well as you do get an audio speaker along with a heartbeat sensing unit yet regretfully, no blood oxygen saturation degree screen.

In usage

We did not run a series of performance examinations as we would typically do on an Android gadget, considering that the Ticwris Max 4G is not a typical item. Its peculiarities are most likely to place it at a downside when running standard benchmarks; its display resolution, for instance, would certainly prevent running most examinations that consist of a video gaming component as well as its older OS will not have any type of enhancements that later types of Android would have. Other than the large brand names, smaller sized Chinese firms do not have an excellent performance history of upgrading their firmware.

Once safeguarded on your wrist, the Ticwris Max 4G is user-friendly enough to run without taking a look at the provided guidebook. From the default food selection – that looks a whole lot like the Windows Phone one – slide as much as access the digital pedometer user interface, slide to reveal fundamental details, entrusted to show the fast toggle food selection as well as slide entrusted to reveal pending notices.

Sliding right from the watch web page will certainly raise all the offered applications while pushing (as well as holding) the display for several secs will certainly raise a checklist of faces for your Ticwris Max 4G watch.

One clear problem we had is that than the first home display screen, controls are difficult on such a small screen (which is regretfully not covered with an oleophobic product). It all feels a little fashionable, specifically as you need to do everything with one finger.


There are no recognized straight rivals to the Ticwris Max 4G. A competing brand name called Lemfo has a duplicate that is partially a lot more pricey. Yet, it appears that both firms have simply sourced their items from the very same layout as well as a production company.

The LEM10 from Lemfo is possibly the only alternative although it does not use a large display screen, simply a little 1.88- inch one with a 360 x 320 pixels resolution, one which is most likely to create plenty of troubles when running Android 7.1.1 because it is so reduced. It does have the very same CPU, RAM as well as storage space parts though.


Frustrating is just how one can best define the Ticwris Max 4G. As it holds for a variety of Chinese items, theoretically, its requirements checklist is superior, yet it is pulled down by the bad interface.

A VGA resolution on a little display screen is not the awful point that took place to the Ticwris Max 4G; the reality that Ticwris Max 4G is utilizing a variation of Android that is virtually four years of age. Not just is it an evident safety and security timebomb, and it likewise does not have the most up to date as well as the biggest Android includes, although there is Google Assistant…

The form factor, however, is, we hope, right here to remain. One can picture a future variation of the Ticwris that will certainly use a better interface, one specially modified for a single-hand usage on a very small screen. Others might include various other attributes like the capacity to be billed wirelessly, a barcode scanner, and even a keyboard (like the Zebra WT41 N0).