Top 5 Red Rolex | The Best Watches by Rolex with Red Dials

Red Rolex reviews in a matter of designs, dimensions, technical features, similarities, and differences. The best five red Rolex watches you can choose from.

Red Rolex top 5: Rolex reference 118139 Cherry Index Leather, Rolex 118239 Cherry Index Oyster, Rolex 118239 Cherry Index President, Rolex 118139 Cherry Index Leather.

Red, Rouge, Burgundy; Call it what you want, it’s the color of love, and these are the leading 5 Rolexes with red dials that we take place to enjoy.

It’s not every day that we cover a vibrant looking watch such as a red Rolex (a Rolex with red dial); however today is that fortunate day where we will go over a number of red-dialed Rolexes that deserve our concentrated attention.

A Red Rolex? Top 5 Watches by Rolex with Red Dials

Despite the truth that the pattern for watch case sizes is revealing that individuals are purchasing watches with bigger cases nowadays, the five included red Rolex watches are all midsize watches at 36 mm and can be used by ladies and even males with typical to smaller sized wrist sizes.

Another thing that these all share is that they are all red Rolex Day-Date 36 mm watches. Rolex chooses the term “burgundy” or “cherry dial” over ‘red dial.’

The first red Rolex on the list that we will discuss is the Rolex reference 118139 Cherry Index Leather. This wristwatch utilizes a 36 mm case built of 18 kt white gold and has a fluted bezel that provides it that extremely unique”Rolex look.” This design has a coordinating red Bordeaux colored leather strap and is the just one on this list that includes a leather watchband.

Rolex 118139 Cherry Index Leather

This red Rolex watch utilizes a 31 gem chronometer called the quality 3155, which is a self-winding/automatic quality that performs at 28,800 VpH for about 48 hours on a complete wind.

Rolex 118239 Cherry Index Oyster

It’s crucial to keep in mind that there are five designs with red dials, and all 5 are Rolex Day-Date 36 mm watches. However the distinction in between them (aside from cost and design number) is that three designs are utilizing an 18 kt White Gold case, each with a different kind of bracelet; one red Rolex with Oyster bracelet (Rolex 118239 Cherry Index Oyster), one red Rolex with Presidents bracelet (Rolex 118239 Cherry Index President), and one red Rolex on a red leather strap revealed above (Rolex 118139 Cherry Index Leather). It’s an embarrassment that the only products utilized for these red Rolex watches are white gold and platinum. No increased gold, no yellow gold, and no steel choices.

118239 Cherry Index President

It would have been great to see a red Rolex Datejust on this list or in any other product such as stainless-steel and even a strong 18 kt yellow gold design with a red dial. I’d even choose a stainless-steel red Rolex 36 mm Day-Date simply to have a more budget-friendly alternative for those that do not wish to dispense for gold or platinum designs. Perhaps even a red Rolex GMT-Master II to match among the designs that have a split red and black bezel. If you ever see one in the future, you’ll understand that you heard of it here!

Rolex 118206 Cherry Index President

The two most costly designs envisioned below are not utilizing 18 kt white gold, but rather platinum. The more costly of the two platinum designs has a diamond bezel (ref. Rolex 118346 Cherry Index President), while the more budget-friendly of the two platinum designs has a smooth bezel with no diamonds (ref. Rolex 118206 Cherry Index President).

Rolex 118346 Cherry Index President

Is there a design with a red dial that you do not see here that you would have chosen to see in this list? Let us understand in the remark box listed below…