Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review 2020

Xiaomi has obtained credibility for launching remarkable phones with a budget-friendly price; nonetheless, it appears to have gone down among those accessories for its Mi 10 collection in 2020, as the phones – and also significantly the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro – aren’t what a lot of us would certainly take into consideration ‘affordable.’

The Pro’s high cost does include a lot of phone accessories followers will certainly like. Its cam selection includes a 108 MP major snapper, and also there are likewise two telephoto zoom lenses (one for long-distance shots, an additional for the picture setting), and also an ultra-wide snapper. On paper, and also undoubtedly in the real world, the cam is rather wonderful.

There’s plenty even more to such as in the phone, like its stylish charging, costs ‘feel’ (many thanks to its streamlined back and also carefully bent display) and a few of the very best audio speakers we have discovered in a smart device, which are as helpful for songs as they are for gaming.

It’s difficult to discuss all this without stating the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 from 2019, which featured most of these specifications and also style embellishments, however, at half the price. So does that cast doubt on the Mi 10 Pro’s high rate? It certainly does.

There are a couple of issues with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro also, like its slow-moving fingerprint sensing unit, or the truth Xiaomi still hasn’t fixed the bloatware issues its own-brand interface MIUI constantly appears to bring. These aren’t substantial problems, however, and also many individuals will certainly find they can deal with them.

In basic, it appears the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is a terrific phone at a questionably high cost. When it’s been out a while, and also the price sinks in sales or gradually, it’s certainly worth taking into consideration getting.

Editor’s note: We were incapable of evaluating the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s 5G abilities because of the coronavirus lockdown forbidding traveling to 5G-connected locations. However, 5G rates depend a lot more on the network than the gadget, so 5G efficiency isn’t always a sign of a phone’s abilities. We likewise just had restricted the possibility of evaluating particular cam attributes.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Rate and also Accessibility

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is presently offered in particular parts of the globe, consisting of Australia and also numerous European nations. At the same time, we understand a UK launch gets on the cards, and also potentially the United States one, we have no suggestion when that is certainly.

If you’re aiming to get the phone, the authorities Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro-rate is AU$ 1,999 (approximately $1,290, ₤ 1,030), so thinking those conversions are also near precise, this is an extremely superior phone. As we kept in mind first of this review, it appears that Xiaomi is disregarding the ‘mid-range’ or ‘affordable’ mantles of its previous Mi phones.

For contrast, the Xiaomi Mi 9 price ₤549 (approximately $680, AU$ 1,120) and also the Mi Note 10 launched six months before the Mi 10 price ₤459 (concerning $570, AU$940), so unless the above conversions are method off, the Mi 10 Pro is readied to be a significantly a lot more pricey phone.

The trek over the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 specifically is significant, as that phone has a great deal alike with the Mi 10 Pro, from its cam selection to its bent display and also even more – and also it indicates the Mi 10 Pro is most likely to need to strive to validate its soaring cost.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro display is 6.67 inches diagonally, so it’s a relatively common dimension for top-end phones in 2020, however, as a Super AMOLED panel with a 1080 x 2340 resolution, it does not rather compare to the One Plus 8 Pro or Oppo Find X2 Pro, both of which have 6.7-inch displays with a 1440 x 3168 resolution.

The display screen has a 90 Hz refresh rate, which is rather decent when numerous phones are still 60 Hz, and also it makes snapping via applications and also scrolling social networks a little smoother. However, with a few of this year’s top-end phones, consisting of the Samsung Galaxy S20, showing off 120 Hz revitalize prices, the Xiaomi phone is left a little bit below also.

These small drawbacks contrasted to its contemporaries will not suggest much to individuals that do not require a top-end display screen, however – if you’re acquiring a brand-new phone for its cam, PC gaming power, or battery life, you could not care excessive concerning the display technology.

None of this to claim the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a poor display whatsoever, as shades look excellent, and also comparison gets on point. The display screen was usually dimmer than we would certainly like, however, either since the automated illumination really did not improve the illumination sufficiently, or merely since limit illumination simply isn’t that high at 500 nits.

Something we enjoy to report, display-wise, is that it did not drain pipes the battery as high as similar phones, regardless of the technology available. When we made use of the display with its default 90 Hz refresh rate (rather than the optional, battery conserving 60 Hz rate), and also when we left the always-on-display revealing for hrs at once, the battery did not experience excessive, regardless of these being two attributes that are infamously power-hungry.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a rather common appearance if you’re well versed in premium Android phone style language, with a rounded display with very little bezel on the front, bent sides on the back and also a left-side cam bump on the back (and also one lens that’s not placed in this bump, somehow).

As on various other Xiaomi phones, the back cam bump stands out a fair bit. When utilizing various other phones within a similar way, extending bumps, we have discovered they can mess up rather quickly. Also, we would certainly anticipate that to be the instance with the Mi 10 Pro gradually, although we did not see this in our time with the phone.

The bent sides of the display screen are a little much less conical than on a few other mobile phones, such as the Oppo Find X2, so there’s very little danger of you pushing the display by a crash, and also the phone feels comfy to hold. There’s a little ‘punch-hole’ cut-out for the selfie cam at the top-left of the display screen.

The phone feels large, with measurements of 162.5 x 74.8 x 9 mm and also a weight of 208 g. Generally talking, any type of phone that considers in at over 200 g really feels a little large to hold. However, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s family member mass is easy to understand, provided its display dimension, and also the innovation within.

The front and also back of the phone are glass, and the structure is aluminum – as we have discussed, the style is an attractive guideline for a top-end Android phone. On the best side of the phone are the quantity rocker and also power switch, and also on the base is the USB-C port (however no 3.5 mm earphone jack). Due to the previously mentioned dimension of the phone, for some individuals with smaller sized hands we would certainly expect the phone and side switches to be no difficult to get to, though this will not impact all individuals.

The construct of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro feels rather tough, although some individuals could have difficulty with the dimension or cam bump.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a 108 MP major cam, which is among the most significant attracts of the gadget for individuals that desire high-spec snappers.

In excellent illumination problems, like an intense area or outdoors on a warm day, this cam can take wonderful images, with a lot of information, brilliant shades and also abundant appearances, whether you make use of the default capturing setting, which utilizes pixel binning to properly incorporate 4 pixels right into one for the boosted light event, causing 27 MP images, or the 108 MP capturing setting.

Pixel binning properly makes a particular variety of pixels – 4, in this instance – serve as one, allowing a lot more light and also boosting the appearance of resulting images. You can check out a comprehensive overview of just how these function below.

If illumination isn’t so great, however, when you’re inside or in the evening, images can look a touch rough or strong, although the default pixel binning setting alleviates these problems a little. Still, images absorbed low-light problems looked a touch far better than pictures which handled various other phones with reduced resolutions.

There’s likewise a 20 MP f/2.2 ultra-wide snapper. Also, we discovered that images taken with this looked significantly brighter than shots from the major cam, and also probably a little bit a lot more attractive because of this. There had not been much noticeable distortion besides photos, as can in some cases holds with wide-angle lenses – as a matter of fact, and it was in some cases hard to inform if a photo had been taken with the wide-angle or the major cam if there was no context.

The major telephoto snapper is an 8 MP f/2 combination, and also this uses 5 x optical and also 10 x hybrid (optical + electronic) zoom. Pictures taken with this looked rather comparable to those from the major snapper in regards to shade and also illumination. Also, while the reasonably low-res 8 MP sensing unit isn’t most likely to permit you to take fantastic-looking zoom shots, the cam does include an additional layer of convenience, allowing you to readjust the framework of long-distance topics.

This snapper likewise uses electronic zoom as much as 50 x, although once again, the sensing unit isn’t truly as much as the task, and also images taken with this cam look so rough that it’s rarely worth utilizing.

The last back cam has a 12 MP f/2 sensing unit, and also it likewise has a telephoto lens, although this set just uses 2 x optical zoom for picture setting shots. While we weren’t able to evaluate it out because of social distancing constraints sometimes of composing, it’s precisely the very same cam like the one in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which we discovered took fantastic-looking individuals shots. Assuming that absolutely nothing has altered for the most awful, it is just one of the very best portrait-shooting arrangements we have seen on a smart device.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a variety of video-shooting settings that might attract videographers – the phone can fire in 8K at 30 fps, and also 4K and also 1080 p at 60 fps or 30 fps, so there’s some convenience below. Also, there are numerous beneficial settings like slow-motion, auto-subject-tracking, and also ‘vlog’ setting, which allows you to fire numerous brief bits and also flawlessly modify them with each other.

One problem we had with the slow-motion setting was that video appeared looking dark, making it pointless inside. We’re unsure if this is an insect or a peculiarity of the cam setups we made use of; however, it had not been suitable.

The front-facing cam is 20 MP and also f/2. Also, images taken with this looked good, particularly when we made use of the picture setting, which instantly obscures the history with pretty good precision.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a 4,500 mAh power pack, which is a relatively charitable ability for a front runner phone, although for how long a smart device lasts depends as much on efficiency optimization as on the charge it can hold – and also the Mi 10 Pro appears to do rather well hereof.

You can make use of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro for quickly a day without requiring to charge it, whether you’re simply examining your messages, or streaming songs and also motion pictures, or playing video games. In truth, we normally discovered the phone lasted well right into the 2nd day of regular usage before passing away on us.

If you switch on the always-on display screen or the 90 Hz display alternative, the battery life will not be as remarkable – although as we have actually stated, we discovered it did not take excessive of a hit, and also the phone will certainly still last you a day.

You can power up the phone using 50 W quickly charging, which definitely is rather fast – after just 10 mins connected in the phone had lifted to 27%. Also, it took well under an hr to rise to complete charge. There’s likewise 30 W wireless charging, which does not rather get to the rates of wired charging; however, it’s still snappier than also wired enhancing on numerous various other tools.

If you have obtained various other tools that sustain the Qi wireless charging criterion, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro can charge those utilizing reciprocal powering, which allows you to utilize your phone as a cordless charging pad. At 5 W, it’s not precisely stylish, and also we would not suggest it as a means to share charge with an additional smart device; however, it can be beneficial offering your smartwatch or earbuds a fast top-up.

Performance and also Software Program

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a Snapdragon 865 chipset, the very best CPU offered to Android phones at the time of its launch, supplying top-end handling power. When we placed the phone via a benchmarking examination, it returned a multi-core rating of 3210, which defeated the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. However, it did not rather get to the elevations of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This chipset is coupled with 8 GB RAM, which isn’t as high as a few other phones with 12 GB or perhaps 16 GB, however, the phone still really felt stylish to make use of. In enhancement, the chipset features a 5G modem, so the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is a 5G-enabled gadget.

In regards to storage space, you’ll obtain 256 GB, which ought to be plenty for many customers, whether you simply wish to save your images and also applications, or perhaps if you wish to fill up great deals of top-end video games, or shoot and also modify video clip regularly.

The os is Android 10, with Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface laid over the top. This is normally an aesthetic adjustment, though it brings particular applications that match the default Android option. However we did experience a couple of problems with it – motion navigating is inaccessible, so you can not get rid of the three online navigating switches and also rely upon swipes rather, and also there are many preinstalled applications that you’re not likely to ever before make use of, which can be a little bit bothersome.

Something else worth explaining is that the in-screen fingerprint sensing unit feels a little slower than those on various other phones. If you’re originating from a mobile phone with a fingerprint sensing unit or face unlock, this might not be a concern for you; however, if you value stylish activation, you might locate the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro a little slow-moving.

Movies, Songs and also PC Gaming

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a few of the very best audio speakers we have listened to on a smart device. The dual-speaker configuration, including one under of the phone and also an additional on top, seems wonderful, with a relatively loud optimum quantity, and also little to no distortion at greater degrees, indicating that songs and also various other audio noises wonderful.

We did, nonetheless, face a concern when utilizing the phone for viewing motion pictures or gaming. At the Xiaomi Mi 10 launch, Xiaomi warranted having an edge ‘punch-hole’ cut-out cam by claiming that when you wait in landscape positioning for motion pictures or gaming, your hand will likely cover that component of the display, so you will not see the punch-hole. That’s real; nonetheless, because of the positioning of the audio speakers, if you hold your phone by doing this, your hand will certainly likewise cover both audio speakers, smothering the audio.

If you turn the phone 180 levels to watch or play the various other methods, the cam cut-out shows up, and also rests right in the area where maps normally show up in video games, which is rather frustrating (the phone is likewise a little bit harder to hold by doing this round, given that the cam selection which would certainly or else offer an all-natural hold is also reduced to do so).

We regularly had issues when attempting to play video games on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro in the landscape, unless we actively held our hands in such a manner in which they did not cover the audio speakers. Of course, if you make use of wired earphones, this will not be an issue; however, it’s a pity you can not video game on this phone in what ought to be a natural-feeling method without jeopardizing the experience.

Another problem we had when gaming, and also with a couple of various other features, is that the best sides of the display would not register our touches. There were numerous celebrations when we were attempting to play a video game and also needed to touch numerous times to pick something right on top or base of the display, which isn’t suitable.

The remarkable display does, at the very least, suggest that motion pictures and also video games look excellent if you can appreciate them without the punch-hole obstructing and also can navigate the audio speaker problem.

Buy it if…

You desire a resilient phone.

Between its good battery life and also fast charging rates, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is an excellent option for individuals that do not, such as needing to charge their phones regularly or for lengthy quantities of time.

You utilize your phone as an audio speaker.

Thanks to its wonderful integrated audio speakers, if you do not have a Bluetooth audio speaker or various other audio gadgets, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro practical alternative for playing tracks aloud.

You regularly utilize your phone for digital photography.

Thanks to its qualified cam selection, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is among the far better cam phones you can get now, particularly if you desire high-resolution images that you can modify to make them also look much better.

Don’t get it if…

You desire a budget-friendly phone.

The Xiaomi brand name is connected with budget-friendly mobile phones; however, this isn’t the instance for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, which equals front runners from Apple and also Samsung.

You’re a serious mobile player.

Due to the problems with audio speaker positioning and also the bent display sides, we had difficulty playing particular video games on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Also, various other phones are much better matched to those that regularly play video games on their phone.

You’re picky concerning your phone’s UI…

Between the bloatware, absence of motion navigating, and also a seeming absence of modification alternatives, MIUI has its problems. Also, while some could like its look, others could locate these downsides repulsive.